May 2020 TBR

Hi! It’s been a while since I posted anything on my blog. I don’t usually do monthly TBR because I’m a mood reader and usually just read anything that interests me at the moment. What prompted this post is because I didn’t realize April already ended and hear this: I DID NOT FINISH READING A SINGLE THING THIS APRIL. 😥

Wow. Time really did fly faster than I can ever imagine. The ECQ is again extended on our area. 😦

Now, onto my list of books that I need to prioritize this month. They are mostly NetGalley books that were already published or nearing their publishing date.

1.) The Billionaire’s Pretend Wife by Leslie North

2.) Journey by Andrew Zimmerman

3.) Nowhere on Earth by Nick Lake

Next would be books that has been on my TBR pile for a while now that currently interests me.

4.) The Humans by Matt Haig

5.) Otherworld by Jason Segel & Kirsten Miller


So I’m decided to read these 5 books for the month of May. 😀 I hope I can read them all and more. 😀

Stay safe everyone! 🙏

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March 2020 Wrap Up

Hi! It’s the middle of April and I’m very late but here’s my reading wrap up for the month of March. 😀 I’ve read 15 books this month. March was an awful month what with the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to staying at home I managed to read a lot compared to my normal standard. I also tried to read different type/genre of books. I joined NetGalley this March. 🙂

I’ll try again to categorize and group them but don’t quote me on the grouping and label/s, it’s just how I see them. 😆

*The title links to their Goodreads page and all book cover images credits to Goodreads.* 



1.) Slated – 3.75 stars, my review



1.) Emberhawk – 3.5 stars, my review, NetGalley



1.) Carrots – 3.5 stars, my review

2.) When – 5 stars , my review 😀



1.) Work In Progress – 3 stars, my review, got this for free from Amazon

2.) The Fix – 3 stars, my review, got this for free from Amazon

3.) Opening Hearts – 4 stars, my review, got this for free from Amazon 🙂

4.) Keeping Secrets from the Billionaire – 2.5 stars, my review, got this for free from Amazon

5.) Healing the Rancher – 2.5 stars, my review, NetGalley



1.) Life on Repeat – 3.5 stars, my review, NetGalley

2.) In Some Other Life – 4.25 stars, my review 🙂

3.) Cold Summer – 4 stars, my review 🙂

4.) When I Find Her – 3 stars, my review

5.) Lost on the Titanic – 4 stars, my review, NetGalley 🙂

6.) The Reincarnation of Tom – 3 stars, my review, NetGalley


Finally finished with this post. A bit long and tedious because of the links. I feel accomplished that I finished a lot of books on March and I’m happy I created a NetGalley account. 😀

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The Reincarnation of Tom – Book Review #30 (2020)

Title: The Reincarnation of Tom

Author: Aden Simpson

Series: Standalone

Goodreads synopsis:

Tom was a daydreaming office schlub. What will he be like as a chicken, cow, tiger, tree and Austrian art teacher from 1896?

Napoleon was a pig with dreams of revolution. What will he be like as Joseph Stalin?

Shirley was a zoo keeper with a big heart and a weakness for helping others. When will she learn?

Sal was a cop. Then a cop. Then a cop several times after that. What will he be like as the leader of a coalition sworn to hunt Tom for the rest of his lives?

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟

I got this book from NetGalley. Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for making this available for review.

The main reason I got interested on this book is the word “Reincarnation’ on its title. The cover is weird with that chicken. This is the story of Tom and his many lives as different entities.

I’m very much interested with books that has reincarnation as theme. It started as a very interesting read for me and it was really funny reading the different lives of Tom. But then the novelty wears off as Tom experiences a life being hunted with every reincarnation.

The villain (on my eyes) Sal has his own difficulties but I just felt like he’s projecting all his misfortunes to Tom. Some scenes were in my opinion unnecessary and could have been trimmed. I just hoped Tom was more confident and not so impulsive.

All in all, it was an okay read.


My last book for the month of March. Finally done with my backlog reviews! 😀

Stay safe everyone! 🙏


NetGalley reads for 2020: 5


Lost on the Titanic – Book Review #29 (2020)

Title: Lost on the Titanic

Author: Jessica Rinker

Illustrator: Bethany Stancliffe

Series: #1 of Out of Time

Goodreads synopsis:

Allie and Vic Taylor are just regular kids who help out in their parents’ antique shop. Until one day, when they find they can travel through time! From Epic! Originals, Out of Time is a middle-grade chapter book series about time-traveling kids who explore important moments in history!

When Allie, Vic, and their friend, Max, are mysteriously sent back in time to the Titanic, they have to find a way to save their parents’ shop, save their futures, and get off the ship before it sinks! Join them as they explore the Titanic in its prime and attempt to find their way back to the present!

After the adventure, readers can flip to the back of the book to learn interesting facts about antique stores as well as the Titanic and its passengers!

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

This is a book I got from NetGalley. Thank you for the publisher and NetGalley for making it available for review. 🙂

This is a short action packed middle grade book with time traveling on it.

What made me interested on this book is the time travel element on it. I’ve been reading books with time elements on it for days now.

This is a story of Allie, her brother Vic and their friend Max when they accidentally got transported into the Titanic.

I love the fact that there are lots of cute and colorful illustrations within the book. It made my reading more enjoyable. The book is targeted to younger audience as it has a simplistic plot that will entice kids for adventure.

It was a cute read. 😊


The enhanced community quarantine was extended. I hope everyone is safe. 🙏


NetGalley reads for 2020: 4


Healing the Rancher – Book Review #28 (2020)

Title: Healing the Rancher

Author: Mary Sue Jackson, Leslie North

Series: Standalone

Goodreads synopsis:

When rancher Carter Janus first sets eyes on the live-in physical therapist he’s hired to get him back in the saddle, he almost sends her packing. Willow Spalding is just too darned pretty, and too much of a distraction to have around his ranch. But when her young son, Tavish, lights up around the horses, Carter just can’t bring himself to disappoint the little guy. He convinces himself that enduring her presence is worth it if he can just get well enough to ride again. His grievous injury has left him cranky and miserable, forced to walk with a cane when he wants nothing more than to get back to work. Carter hadn’t really thought about how torturous it would be to have her touching him all the time. It’s all business to her, but his body sure isn’t listening to reason. Worse, he didn’t realize just how lonely he was until Willow and Tavish came into his life. He just has to remind himself Willow’s not on his ranch for romance.

Recently divorced, Willow jumps at the chance to get away from her abusive ex and spend some time working on a remote ranch—even if the sexy rancher is a grump. Besides, it’s immediately clear that something about this ranch is making her boy glow with happiness like nothing else has since he witnessed his mom being beaten by his dad. And soon she realizes her feelings for Carter are becoming more than just therapist and patient; feelings she doesn’t want and certainly doesn’t need, especially with an angry ex stalking her. Her ex is her problem and dragging a man she’s beginning to care about into her messed up life is not in the plan. With all her problems, Carter’s better off without her. As for her? She’ll get over her cowboy love—even if she’s beginning to believe he’s the man she was always meant to be with.

My rating: 🌟🌟.5

I got this from NetGalley. Thank you NetGalley for making this available for review.

The main reason that interests me on this book is the single parent theme. Whenever a book has that premise I add them on my tbr. I love how the guy will work hard to endear himself on the kid. I love mushy scenes like that.

On this book we have Carter, a rancher who had an accident on a horse that’s why he needs a physical therapist. Now in came Willow, a PT and his son Tavish hiding/running away from an abusive ex-husband.

All the needed pieces are there for an enjoyable read. But unfortunately, I was bored. I almost dnf this one. I think one reason why it was difficult for me to finish this is the predictability of the plot. It just read like a usual romance novel. I was expecting something exciting but it was bland.

Also, I was hoping for more Tavish. The supposed action part was too short and decorated by a one dimensional villain.

Did I expect too much? I don’t know. ☹

This was my lowest rated NetGalley book so far. When I looked into the ratings/reviews of other people I’m actually part of the minority. A lot of people actually enjoyed this book. Huh. It wasn’t just for me. 😦
Anyway, stay safe everyone! 🙏


NetGalley reads for 2020: 3


When I Find Her – Book Review #27 (2020)

Title: When I Find Her

Author: Kate Bridges

Series: Standalone

Goodreads synopsis:

Luke Eric is left devastated when the irresistible new girl from high school who secretly shares his locker, Jennifer Marks, leaves town without a trace. The past year has been brutal. After fighting an unexpected illness, Luke is now strong and fearless. He’s ready to battle for the moments that could change his future forever.

Using magical red dice, nicknamed “Vegas apples,” Luke travels through time to correct three mistakes he made in his past – the first one being that he never kissed Jennifer Marks.

A gripping, emotional tale of forgiveness, undying love and fragile family bonds.

Time separates them and red dice reunite them.

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟 

This is a short contemporary romance with a dash of time travel. I’ve had this book for years now. I thought this was New Adult based on the cover but it’s actually Young Adult.

The first 60% of the book is okay for me but then the latter part made me drop my rating all the way to just 3 stars.

We have Luke who is in remission. This is the story of how he was given a chance to correct 3 regrets of his life.

I love the family dynamics on this story. I love Luke’s younger brother, Simon.

The thing I’m most uncomfortable with is Luke’s and Jennifer’s ‘relationship’. It was weird how Luke is so into her and it’s almost like an obsession (just my opinion).

I was hoping for something more. Just an okay read.


Almost done with my backlog reviews, 3 more remaining. 😀

Stay safe everyone! 🙏

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Cold Summer – Book Review #26 (2020)

Title: Cold Summer

Author: Gwen Cole

Series: Standalone

Goodreads synopsis:

Today, he’s a high school dropout with no future.
Tomorrow, he’s a soldier in World War II.
Kale Jackson has spent years trying to control his time-traveling ability but hasn’t had much luck. One day he lives in 1945, fighting in the war as a sharpshooter and helplessly watching soldiers—friends—die. Then the next day, he’s back in the present, where WWII has bled into his modern life in the form of PTSD, straining his relationship with his father and the few friends he has left. Every day it becomes harder to hide his battle wounds, both physical and mental, from the past.
When the ex-girl-next-door, Harper, moves back to town, thoughts of what could be if only he had a normal life begin to haunt him. Harper reminds him of the person he was before the PTSD, which helps anchor him to the present. With practice, maybe Kale could remain in the present permanently and never step foot on a battlefield again. Maybe he can have the normal life he craves.

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 

One of the topics that I’m very much interested in is time travel. I’ve read a few and still fascinated with the possibility of traveling back or forward through time. One reason why I added this one on my tbr shelf.

Our main lead is Kale and he travels back in different time lines and places. He can’t control where or when he’s going and it became a problem on his personal life. It kind of reminded me of The Time Traveler’s Wife. It has the same tone on it.

At first it was an adventure but then he started going back again and again on the time line of World War II. Experiencing the horror of war as a soldier gave him PTSD that made living in the now horrible.

It started slow and not a lot of things happened. I was looking for a lot of action scenes. There was never a mention of why or how he can time travel. I also wished that someone offered help on his PTSD.

It was a bit bland but I like the characters. It was a good read for me.


I’ve been reading a lot of time travel themed books. I needed an escape from what’s happening these days. Do you guys know of any book with time travel as it’s main theme? Please comment down below. 😀

Stay safe everyone! 🙏

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