July 2020 TBR

Hi! I finally finished posting all my June reviews and so now I’ll be posting my July reading plan. 😀 Since it’s already July 13, I have already finished some books but haven’t yet posted their reviews here in my blog. Here comes the books:

Books I’ve already read:

1.) This Eternity of Masks and Shadows – NetGalley ARC, my goodreads review

2.) Taking Time – Edelweiss ARC, my goodreads review

3.) The Billionaire’s Secret Heart – unplanned read from my kindle, my goodreads review

Currently Reading:

4.) Windswept – another Edelweiss ARC, so far interesting. 🙂

Books from my shelf I’m planning to read:

5.) The Blood of Olympus – Final book for The Heroes of Olympus series. I need to finish this ASAP to read Apollo’s series. 😀

6.) Cress – 3rd book on The Lunar Chronicles. I miss the gang especially Iko and Thorne. 😆


I’ll stop there. Looking at this books I feel like it’s a bit ambitious of a TBR, hopefully I’ll finish these. 😆 How’s your month going? 🙂

Stay safe everyone! 🙏

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June 2020 Wrap Up

Hi! July already started and I’m just posting my June Wrap Up. 😆 So, my last wrap up is for March because for the month of April and May, I did not finish a single book. 😥

For this month, I finished 8 books, yay! 😀 By the way I created my Edelweiss account this month. I’m still trying to figure it out, haha. Okay, so on to my books for this month. I’ll try to group them as I see fit but don’t quote me on the grouping and label/s, it’s just how I see them. 😆

*The title links to their Goodreads page and all book cover images credits to Goodreads.* 



1.) I Just Want to be in a Relationship – 5 stars, my review 😀

2.) Quick, Hubby, All Aboard – 2 stars, my review

3.) I Seem Unsuited for Dating – 3.5 stars, my review

4.) Eight Treasures Trousseau (八宝妆) – 4.25 stars, my review 🙂

5.) Rebirth of a Movie Star – 5 stars, my review 😀



1.) The Billionaire’s Pretend Wife – 3.5 stars, my review

2.) Happily Whatever After – 4 stars, my review 🙂



1.) Nowhere on Earth – 3 stars, my review


Finally done with my June posts! 😆 How was your month friends? 😀

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Happily Whatever After – Book Review #38 (2020)

Title: Happily Whatever After

Author: Stewart Lewis

Series: Standalone

Goodreads synopsis:

Thirty something Page was content with her life in New York City—until it went to the dogs. Unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend of four years and fired from her art gallery job in the same week, she flees to Washington, DC, and moves in with her big brother. She hopes the new setting and familial comfort will help her finally find her bearings. What Page finds instead is an unlikely refuge: a park for the neighborhood’s poshest pooches, and a quirky pack of companionable dog-run regulars who become fast friends.

Both four-legged and two-, these new allies offer Page a world of possibilities. The woman who hit rock bottom now has dreams: of having her own business, getting her own place, and even wilder ones about the ruggedly handsome owner of a vineyard and two equally fetching Bernese mountain dogs.

Unleashed from all that once held her back, Page finds everything might be falling into place. But just when she thinks her life is headed in the right direction, the road takes a sharp turn to show her just how unpredictable second chances can be. Will Page get her happily ever after? Is there even such a thing?

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 

Where to start? First thing that made me notice this among the many books on netgalley is the cover. It looks like a sweet contemporary read and I love that vibrant pink color. Also it was on the ‘Read Now’ section. I was hoping for a light, cute read and started to read this one. But it wasn’t a light read at all.

Page is our main character. There are some similarities between me and Page that made me relate to her. She is in no way a perfect character. She has a lot of flaws and did some stupid things in the book. But most of the time I get her.

I didn’t give a 5 star rating because of some reasons. One is the length of the book. On my opinion, I think the book can do without some scenes on the book. A bit of trimming perhaps? Some areas dragged and it is a bit boring.

This book isn’t about romance though it has romance on it. I think it’s more on self discovery and achieving your dreams. I have lots of realization because of this book. I did enjoy the story and shed some tears at some parts and also laughed at Page’s absurdity.

The characters are also okay. Some a bit over the top and cliché and a bit stereotypical. But surprisingly, I liked Jane. She’s strong and I like her quirky habit on post-its because I tend to do that too. 😅

All in all, a good read. A bit slow but still great.👍❤

Thanks for netgalley, the publisher and author for making this available for review.


Finally done with my June reads! 😀 I love finding raw gems on netgalley and I’m amazed that I enjoyed this even though it’s not romance centered. How was your week friends? Can’t believe it’s already July. 😆

Stay safe everyone! 🙏


NetGalley reads for 2020: 8


The Billionaire’s Pretend Wife – Book Review #37 (2020)

Title:The Billionaire’s Pretend Wife

Author: Leslie North

Series: #1 of Preston Brothers

Goodreads synopsis:

Penelope Fox thought she was applying to be an assistant to billionaire Drew Preston. With her business savvy, she’s hoping she can help Drew’s successful shipping company reach new heights. Too bad the position she applied for isn’t as his assistant: it’s as his young son’s nanny. With her bank account nearly dry, Penny’s desperate enough to take the job. But when Drew is meeting with the owner of his next potential acquisition, the other man mistakes Penelope for Drew’s wife—and to her surprise, she agrees to play along. Even more shocking? The way she’s beginning to feel about this maddening, passionate man.

Drew learned the hard way to never mix business with pleasure. His ex-wife is proof. But it’s difficult to ignore his attraction to his son’s nanny. There’s more to Penny than meets the eye. She’s as brilliant with business as she is with his son. And with him—in bed. All his orderly lines get all tangled up. Playing along with a fake marriage is one thing. Wishing it was real shakes him to his core.

As the business deal Drew wanted so badly goes south, so does his fledgling relationship with Penny, leaving him wondering if there can be any pleasure in business without Penny by his side.

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟.5 

I chose this one on netgalley because of the single parent trope. This is the second book I have read from this author and I finally know why it wasn’t that much of a great read for me.

I have no problem with the writing nor the plot. My main problem is that it is short. I realized that I don’t usually read romance books that are short in length. Tendency for short stories are everything is too fast and the fleshing out of characters is insufficient.

For this one, the romance developed abruptly with attraction at first sight. The conflict was quick too and they lived happily ever after.

A few one dimensional characters. Also for plots with single parents, usually the kid is a central part of the story, on this not that much. Just like my previous comment, I wish there were more cutesy moments with the kid (Logan).

A better read than the first book I’ve read from her. It was an okay read. 👍


One more review before I can post my June Wrap Up. 😀 

Stay safe everyone! 🙏


NetGalley reads for 2020: 7


Nowhere on Earth – Book Review #36 (2020)

Title: Nowhere on Earth

Author: Nick Lake

Series: Standalone

Goodreads synopsis:

Sixteen-year-old Emily is on the run. Between her parents and the trouble she’s recently gotten into at school, she has more than enough reason to get away. But when she finds a little boy named Aidan wandering in the woods, she knows she needs to help him find his way home. But getting home is no easy matter, especially when Emily finds out that Aidan isn’t even from Earth.

When their plane crashes into the side of a snowy mountain, it’s up to Emily to ensure Aidan and their pilot, Bob, make it off the mountain alive. Pursued by government forces who want to capture Aidan, the unlikely team of three trek across the freezing landscape, learning more about each other, and about life, than they ever thought possible.

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟

So I decided to tackle my backlog on netgalley. I added this one because it seemed action packed and interesting but unfortunately, it was a miss for me.

Emily – main character, petty, whiny and tends to lie and escape evey problem. I can’t remember how many times I did an eye roll over her actions and thoughts. I didn’t like her at all up to the very end. Main reason that I did not like this and the difficulty of finishing this. 😣

Aidan – the supposed reason for the sci-fi tag of this book. I don’t hate him, I just felt NOTHING towards him. He’s posing as a kid but he’s not cute at all.

Bob – the pilot. A bit of an extra role. But I totally don’t mind him. He’s okay and I like him. He’s realistic and he has sense. 😁

Emily’s parents – because I can’t remember their names. The sole reason for me giving this a 3 star rating. It is quite refreshing to see parents in action on a YA book. They are the reason that I enjoyed the latter part of the book. 👍

Plot – a lot of plot holes and inconsistencies.

Writing – too many flowery words that aren’t really needed in a sci-fi (just my opinion). And the one that distracted me the most: too many commas, colons, semi-colons and there’s even dashes. 😓

That’s it. I almost dnf this one. On to the next book. 😅


Two more reviews for June and I’ll be posting my June Wrap Up soon-ish. 😆

Stay safe everyone! 🙏


NetGalley reads for 2020: 6


TBR Finds #4 (2020)

Hello book friends! 😀

I’ve added a lot of books on my Goodreads to-read shelf recently and very excited to tell you guys. Majority of these books has a fantasy element on it. Hope you’ll find something interesting here. 😀

Click on the title to lead you on their respective Goodreads page. All book cover images credits to Goodreads. Here are the books that caught my interest recently:

1.) Restart by Gordon Korman

Details: 15,873 ratings -> 2,385 reviews -> 4.23 stars

Reason/s for interest: I’m quite interested with stories tackling amnesia and also I think it will also touch the topic of bullying. I’m very curious. 😀

2.) The Memory Police by Yōko Ogawa, Translated by Stephen Snyder

Details: 13,574 ratings -> 2,249 reviews -> 3.74 stars

Reason/s for interest: memories can be stolen and the title itself: The Memory Police. 🙂

3.) The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin

Details: 50,209 ratings -> 5,315 reviews -> 3.85 stars

Reason/s for interest: Not actually sure why I added this, I guess because of the author. 😆

4.) The Light Between Worlds by Laura E. Weymouth

Details: 2,691 ratings -> 842 reviews -> 3.77 stars

Reason/s for interest: That cover. Transported to another world theme and a story of sisters. 🙂

5.) Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett

Details: 16,753 ratings -> 2,781 reviews -> 4.25 stars

Reason/s for interest: It has high ratings and I keep on seeing this book everywhere. Also, I heard the magic system is awesome. From the blurb: the art of using coded commands to imbue everyday objects with sentience. 😀

6.) Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

Details: 341 ratings -> 344 reviews -> 4.03 stars

Reason/s for interest: Did you know that I’ve only learned that this was a thing last week? I was shocked that it will be finally published. 😆 I’m actually excited to read this. The nostalgia. 😉


Again, as a disclaimer: the details of the books are only reliable on the time I posted this post because they would have surely changed after some days. On my last TBR Finds post my to-read shelf contains 394 books. At the moment the books on my to-read shelf on Goodreads is —> 392, I removed some of the books I’m no longer interested in. 🙂img_20160804_194135_700.jpg

Rebirth of a Movie Star – Book Review #35 (2020)

Title: Rebirth of a Movie Star

Author: J112233

Series: Standalone

Goodreads synopsis:

In his previous life Bai Lang was a small star. He rejected his boss and stupidly engaged in a relationship which he thought was true love.

He didn’t expect that he would get betrayed, die of a heart attack and trouble his boss to accompany him on his last journey.

After his rebirth, he decided to give up on true love. As for his boss… since he wants something then just let him have it ba.

So this little star after his rebirth collected his boss, and then it became a true love story with his boss.

In between there are good friends/love rivals/scum men in the mix. A sweet story with a happy ending.

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

So I’m stuck on the chinese light novel black hole again. Can’t stop reading them. 😅

Usually I don’t like reading novels centered on the entertainment industry but after reading i just want to be in a relationship, I’m no longer wary on reading books like this. So this is a reincarnation novel, Bai Lang went 10 years back.

In comparison to other chinese light novels, this one is fairly short. There are bad things and good things of the industry portrayed in this book. Also, this one centered on 2 guys’ road to HEA. Let’s add a cute kid and straight forward plot and this made my reading enjoyable.

I really love the cutesy and mushy scenes with Qiu XiaoHai. He’s the cutest kid with a cute bestfriend too. 😍


This will be the last Chinese light novel backlog. I will continue with the remaining netgalley books I have read. 🙂

Stay safe everyone! 🙏

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Eight Treasures Trousseau – Book Review #34 (2020)

Title: Eight Treasures Trousseau

Author: 月下蝶影

Series: Standalone

Goodreads synopsis:

Everyone in the City of Jing thinks that bestowment of marriage between Xian Junwang and the di daughter of the Yi’an Marquis House is to insert a fresh flower into manure.

Xian Junwang was that fresh flower and the di daughter of Yi’an Marquis House was that manure that was not liked.

It is said that what is heard is false, seeing is believing. Who knows what the truth really is?

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟.25

This is another transmigration novel. I really didn’t feel like our main female was from another world because she adapted so well on the world/dynasty. A lot of people is comparing this to To Be a Virtuous Wife and I do see the similarities.

I love the layers of conspiracies to gain the throne. But this one doesn’t explain much the process but just reveal the result so I’m lost at some parts.

I love the laziness of our main female and I also like her female servants. The flavor of woman empowerment is very much appreciated. It is a world where females doesn’t have that much freedom and there’s also slavery.

It is quite good but not too much details on the fight scenes.


I’ve been reading Chinese light novels (translated) nowadays and it’s great that they are in Goodreads now so I can add them on my reading challenge. 😀 4 more reviews to post unless I finish another book again.😆

Stay safe everyone! 🙏

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I Seem Unsuited for Dating – Book Review #33 (2020)

Title: I Seem Unsuited for Dating

Author:  板栗子

Series: Standalone

Goodreads synopsis:

One day, two forum posts titled “I Seem Unsuited for Dating” appeared on Promontory Forum’s Feelings board nearly at the same time.

User A: 「I have a severe case of mysophobia and possessiveness. I cannot accept it if my girlfriend has had relationship experience. I went to see a psychiatrist, but I haven’t improved. I might truly be unsuited for dating.」

User B: 「I think I might be unsuited for dating. I very much enjoy the ambiguous phase of sounding out each other’s feelings, but after becoming official, if they want to hug me, or perhaps kiss me, I will immediately feel nauseous.」

Internet User: 「I beseech that the two of you be together. Don’t go and harm anyone else.」

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟.5

This is a simple story of two people who can’t seem to find someone to marry. I related so much on the female lead and I really enjoyed the bickering of the main couple. 😆

It doesn’t have that much conflict and very smooth sailing. I love how simple and short it is.

Though I wish it was longer and the time that they are boyfriend-girlfriend longer. If you’re looking for a short simple love story, this is for you. 🤗

Ps. I love Tangerine. 😍


I kind of accumulated a few backlog reviews so I’ll be posting them today. Also, I finally managed to switch back to classic editor here in WordPress… Finally. 😆

Stay safe everyone! 🙏

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Quick, Hubby, All Aboard – Book Review #32 (2020)

Title: Quick, Hubby, All Aboard

Author: Dong Wu

Series: Standalone

Goodreads synopsis:

Xue Dongting was a singsong girl plucked from her small border town to become the consort of the crown prince. Little did she know she would be murdered by his own hand.

Now reborn, she has a chance for a do-over. This time around, she will marry that fisherman from the next village over and live a quiet, peaceful life, away from the scheming intrigues of the imperial family.

It’s just that, this lowly fisherman is not quite what he seems…

My rating: 🌟🌟

I wanted to read a reincarnation novel but they are usually long so I was happy when I found this. Unfortunately, it ended so bad for me.

I love the setting and the characters. It seems like it will be a complicated palace story. But then it ended.

I was shocked and frustrated. That’s it? 😬

I wish the author didn’t end the book in just one chapter. I am so underwhelmed. 😟


I won’t be disappointed. I’ll read again! Aja!

Stay safe everyone! 🙏