To Write Or To Read?

“To write or to read?”

For someone who dreams of being a writer and a self-confessed bibliophile, it’s hard to decide which to prioritize.

I have a lot of unfinished novels just waiting for my attention. My heroines waiting for my characterization, plots needed to be established and villains waiting for my orders. About twenty concepts written down on my precious concepts-of-angie notebook waiting to be realized and introduced.

My TBR (TO-BE-READ) list is increasing exponentially. Amazing authors to discover, never ending list of books under my favorite genres, inspirational books that I wish I could one day write. Reading is life.

Am I the only one with this dillema? Books, books, books. Living inside a book or creating a world inside a book?

To write or to read. *bow*


One thought on “To Write Or To Read?

  1. My to-read list is never ending, so I can quite relate…
    And I’m a translator, too, so I really like to write; even though the stories I translate are not my own, the words I choose to use come from my very own mind and soul, so I love to write… and I love to read. I love them both equally and I couldn’t choose one over the other.

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