Life of an Introvert (me)

There was a time in my life where human interaction was sparse, almost none. I have no work, no schedule nor routine to follow. For such kind of time, a person would be sad, depressed and maybe too emotional to function.

Me? I’m ecstatic. 😁

Being alone for the time being was never a problem for me. I have lots that I can do on my own. An introvert like me could:

1. Read bookS, like ALOT of books.
2. Write stories. Start a new one or continue an existing draft.
3. Watch series. American, Japanese, Korean and even AnimΓ©.
4. Surf the net. Read mangas. Update my social media accounts. Blog. Tweet. Pin. Wattpad.
5. Eat. Sleep. Dream.

Being with friends and loved ones is amazing but having your alone time is also OK. So don’t sulk. YOLO! 😎


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