Six Sentence Stories

I saw a Six Sentence Stories challenge. Here goes nothing…


Second place, almost the best but never the best.

I’m from a family of five: mother, father, eldest sister, me and then a younger brother.

Growing up, I constantly hear from everyone how amazing my eldest
sister is.

She is the top of her class, a ballerina on the making and the kindest, sweetest, most amazing daughter ever.


(image not mine, cto, from Google)

When asked about their second daughter, my parents’ automatic reply: Oh, she is a fine lady, maybe one day she will be like her sister.

I couldn’t even dream of competing with her, she is the best and I’m merely the second best.


5 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories

  1. Thank you guys for all the comments…❀ just to clear things up, it was just a story I created. It’s not similar to my life, I’m the eldest child and I only have a younger brother. 😁


  2. How sad to be constantly held up to a measre that cant be met. It builds such unecessary insecurety. Thanks for giving sss a try! I would say you were very successful… Haaaa im referring to your intro sentence…come back often! The new cue will be up sometime today.

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