Top 5 Fictional Items I Want

I came upon this post from one blog I was following:

T5W| 5 Fictional Items I Want –

…and it got me inspired.

I’m a Potterhead so ALL 5 of the fictional items I want are all from the wizarding world.😛

(Note: In no particular order. All images from Pinterest, credits to respective owners.)

1.  A broomstick, perhaps a Firebolt? If only I have a rich godfather like Sirius. With this, I can avoid the heavy traffic.


2. Marauder’s Map. This amazing thing from the purveyors of mischief Moony, Padfoot and Prongs (I hate you Wormtail, I bet he didn’t help). I don’t have a good sense of direction so this will totally help.


3. Invisibility cloak. Sometimes I just want to do things alone and be invisible. I wish I have such amazing cloak like Harry’s.


4. Hermione’s Time Turner, it looks awesome. If I have this, I could read ALOT of books in a day. Maybe I could go back in the past and undo some stuff, or not. I know that messing with time has repercussions. You can’t be seen!


5. A MAGIC wand. This is my most coveted item on my top 5 list. Like I could swish and flick it and bam! 💜


So what’s the top 5 Fictional Items that you want? You don’t need to just focus on Harry Potter, like me. But you could.❤


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