A VERY Bad Idea!

I decided to start reading a new book series. I have a lot of recommendations and suggestions from friends and finally settled to start my quest for a new book series to fangirl into with Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments Series. Here I come, City Of Bones!


In the middle of starting to dive into the Shadow Hunter World, I’m sorry but I really can’t help but roll my eyes to the ceiling a lot of times.

I’m currently on the part where they are about to attend Magnus Bane’s party. Firstly, why oh why would they bring petulant/petty/childish Simon with them? He’s a mundane! He has no reason to be there.

This part reminds me so much on the time Percy Jackson decided to take Rachel into the Labyrinth. It spelled disaster in ALL CAPS.



Clary – too nosy for my peace of mind, with a lot of issues to settle. Insecure, grumpy and sometimes nonsensical. Ugh.

Jace – How old is he anyway? And he’s like the bipolar, mysterious neighbor I won’t bother knowing about.

Simon – he’s the most annoying one (so far). Petulant/Childish/Petty much? Does he have a redeeming quality I missed?

Alec – is Alec. Hostile and Grumpy. He embodies “me against the universe”.

Isabelle – the normal one (I think). She reacts on things normally. I mean for a cool, kick-ass Shadow Hunter, that is.

I’m currently on chapter 12 and hopefully the storyline will progress in a magical, this-is-the-shadow-hunter-world and no-mundanes-allowed so brace-yourself-for-the-awesomeness-of-this-book kind of feeling.

It has 6 books and 3 books of prequel/sequel kind of thing and a wide range of followers and fangirls. So, I’m hopeful that it would live up to my expectations.

What are your opinions/thoughts about this book series?


11 thoughts on “A VERY Bad Idea!

      • XD I feel ya. I read the entire series because I just couldn’t live with the thought of not having completed a well loved series. I suggest you read it all in this order:
        1. City of bones
        2. City of ashes
        3. City of glass
        4. City of fallen angels
        5. City of Lost souls (by now you’re probably wondering why I’m even saying this since it’s on the net…)
        6. Clockwork Angel
        7. Clockwork Prince
        8. Clockwork Princess
        9. City of heavenly fire

        This is just a suggestion that my friend gave me on the order to read her books and it worked pretty well for me. But at the end of the day it’s up to you to read in whatever order you want 🙂

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      • I am enjoying the series. I do think that maybe they could have been trimmed down a bit and I’m only on the 2nd book. But, I’ve heard such great things about The Infernal Devices. It seems more people like that trilogy than TMI. But, I too, won’t jump to TID. I’ll read through TMI.

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