Message to the King

Here’s my entry for the Six Sentence Stories challenge from the post:





(Note: image from Google)

My wings are about to give up on me, they seem to contract at odd moments making pain shoot up on my spine.

I’ve been flying for three days nonstop, now my legs are numb and my hands limped uselessly on my side.

I need to reach my destination by sunset and deliver the contract to the King.

The war is about to start but it can be prevented if the King will agree on the stipulations written on the contract I’m carrying.

The war that is about to happen will pulverize my hometown and decimate my brethren.

The pain I’m experiencing now is nothing in comparison to what is about to come, that’s why I need this contract to reach the King even if I end up losing my wings on the process.


4 thoughts on “Message to the King

  1. A very good story, I loved that she was willing to sacrifice herself for the wellbeing of her people, selflessness is rare. I am hoping that she made it to the King and that he was willing to sign the contract to save them all.

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