The Other Normals – Book Review

*Note:  spoilers ahead.*

Title: The Other Normals
Author: Ned Vizzini


I just finished reading this book. I was honestly on a reading slump, and reading this book is an attempt to stop said slump.

The blurb says that the story is about a boy, Peregrine “Perry” Eckert, addicted to some RPG (Role Playing Game) and ends up using game-related skills/info when he suddenly ends up in another world/multiverse.

This made me interested on the book because I’m also reading a manhwa where the lead role suddenly woke up with a gamer ability, converting the world on a game-like perspective.

This is a line from the book that made me teary eyed (I don’t know why):

Even if no one knows what I’ve done, they can’t take away that I’ve done it.

When I’m halfway on the book, I realized that this book is different from the manhwa I’m reading. No stats, skills and RPG like world. I think that the RPG the book is talking about is different from the RPG that I know or expected when I decided to read this book.

I was tempted to drop the book or just jump to the end (a bad habit of mine) but I persevered.

It wasn’t that bad, at some point it reminded me of Percy Jackson on his first time at camp. The other world wasn’t explained that much, and the epic battle at the end was okay. But the main antagonists, beaten just like that was meh. And where’s Sam (the bff of Perry)? I tend to focus on unnecessary details, my bad.

It’s an okay book but not spectacular. I’ll give the book 6/10

Good news is, I was able to finish a book, therefore I’M BACK! ❤


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