T5W | Least Favorite Book in Your Favorite Series

Top Five Wednesday is a tag originating on youtube (booktube), created by Lainey of gingerreadslainey.

It’s top 5 Wednesday again and the topic is Least Favorite Book in Your Favorite Series.

I do have a lot ofΒ  series I’m currently into but I don’t like cliff hangers so I tend to read series with a sense of ending per book.

Here’s my list of series (actually I just really want to promote them) and my least favorite book for each:

1. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
–> On this wizarding world that started my love on reading, I just love all the books. My least favorite among the 7 books is:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

… it was well written, as always. It’s my least favorite because of the mood of the book and some pesky character namely Umbridge that makes me soooo mad. But still, I love this book.

2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan
–> I had a huge book hangover after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that I thought I won’t be reading any series in like…forever. Then came Percy, yay! The writing is amazing, funny and the details are very good. Well established world, jargons and characters. I really love it! Choosing among the five, I think my least favorite would be:

The Battle of the Labyrinth

this is because of Rachel’s(did I spell it right?) existence. I totally ship Percabeth so when this seemingly human wants to join in, I justΒ  want to kick her out of the book. Also, Nico is in a kind of a rebel mood.

3. Fantasyland Series by Kristen Ashley
–> This is a good series about a parallel universe. The blurb attracted me because it’s interesting. Sleeping on your bed last night then suddenly waking up in a parallel universe where the people knows you as someone else. Usually your twin (your doppelganger on that other world) is a bad person and the lead girl ends up in a lot of trouble. The world building is good.

It has a lot of mature contentS so if you’re too young or not interested, DON’T.

My least favorite among the 4 (it’s an ongoing series) would be:

The Broken Dove

… only because the people from the other world already knows that she is not her twin. Her twin died. But a lot of things happened that compensated on the lost of that mystery.

4. The Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward
–> There was a time I was addicted to reading stories about vampires and I came across this series. World building is amazing, I feel like I was transported on the book and into the world where the Brotherhood is fighting the Lessening Society to preserve their race.

Each warrior is unique and also with issues that they’ll try to resolve. The story is a bit complicated to what I’m used to. Among the 11 I’ve read so far, my least favorite is:

Lover Enshrined

… because Phury suddenly became the bad brother. I just feel bad on some scenes and I didn’t like Phury that much.

*It’s also a series for mature audiences only.

5. Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer
–> Twilight is the first ever Vampire-Human-Love kind of book I’ve ever read. I finished the whole series and even read Midnight Sun and The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. I have complicated feelings throughout this series. My least favorite among the 4 would be:

New Moon

…why? Because Edward left, then Bella became a bit of a psycho and then wolf boy Jacob suddenly became her Sun. I just hate love triangles, and I’ve been team Edward forever.

So that’s my top 5 Wednesday for this week. What’s yours? πŸ’œ


24 thoughts on “T5W | Least Favorite Book in Your Favorite Series

  1. Huh. Me too. For someone who claims to dislike the book, I also have a lot to say. It’s the second series next to Harry Potter that I’ve read. So maybe, deep down, deep deep deep deep down. I somehow like it? 😁

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  2. I couldn’t agree more with Twilight. All of the books were pretty painful, considering the quality of the writing, but New Moon was depressing and dull. You have to wonder who’s editing some of these books the top 5 publishers sell. Bella was such a whiner it was annoying, and the book was full of cliche references that were something a teenager would never say. At times, I was like I think my grandmother has said that before lol.

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      • Me too. I somehow hung in there. I’m still shocked they managed to stretch that series into four long books since there wasn’t much to it. I thought New Moon and Eclipse were completely pointless with the whole Victoria story. And Bella’s whining was what really killed me. Plus, she’s not a very likable character. I didn’t like how in the first book she automatically hated everyone at her new school, even though they were trying to be nice to her. I thought that said a lot about her character. But everyone read the books and somehow they were popular lol.

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      • I’m not into characters who always whine. Like, I hate my life or the please don’t look at me cause I trip alot kind of characters. Ooops.. I described Bella. And why did Ms. Meyer gave us Jacob’s POV? The last time I checked, Edward was the lead guy! And the imprinting twist is funny.😁


      • Oh, I know. I completely agree. Did Stephanie Meyer think all teenage girls are stumbling, awkward disasters? I could not relate to her character at all. I kept thinking, if you’re that clumsy then make sure your shoes are tied and watch where you’re going lol. I agree with you on Jacob’s POV. It was very jarring to end with Bella mid-book and then pick back up again later. If it was like Allegiant where the chapters were split from the start, it might have worked better, but I wasn’t a fan of that book either. The imprinting thing was weird and kinda creepy that it happened with Bella’s daughter of all people. It made Jacob look sorta pathetic in a way, like she was the consolation prize because he couldn’t have Bella. For someone who says they didn’t like the books, I sure have a lot to say about it lol.

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  3. My favorite series is the Discworld series, and with 41 official books/novels, you might think it’s easy to pick a least favorite. Not so. My least favorite would be Last Continent because in looking over the series list, it’s the one I remember least (and I’ve read them all the same number of times).

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