A Newbie’s WordPress Problem

I started this WordPress blog last March 12 (of this year – 2016), so obviously I’m still a beginner, amateur, baby, a newbie in terms of blogging and making use of WordPress. I’m not into too much technicalities but maybe a little info to beautify(is there such a word?) my posts.

I mean, I browse posts and blogs and can’t help but notice how bland my posts are. At least putting pictures are just a click away.

So, here are some mysteries I haven’t solved yet:

1. How Oh how do I change the color of texts in my blog? I’ve seen others with red, blue, green and even PINK. I’m generally a bubbly, colorful person, so my black and white posts are meh. DONE!💜

2. Why is it that even though my post has a picture, when I go to my site, the preview of my post doesn’t have one?

3. How to change text size? DONE!💜

4. How to align the texts “center” when needed? DONE!💜

5. Did you see the menu thing on my page and then when you click it, it shows the “Call Me Angie” link to my other social media accounts? It’s funny. How do I improve that?

6. My profile picture is still the gray person default. Please. How? 🙏 DONE! Did you see my pic?💜

That’s it for now. I’ll add up in here the mysteries I’ll encounter along my journey here in WordPress. Anyone in there who’s nice enough to help? I’ll totally appreciate it. I love you all.💜

*I was able to use the Visual Editor BUT I don’t know where the save button is so I ended up copy pasting the HTML codes.*


13 thoughts on “A Newbie’s WordPress Problem

  1. How, exactly, do you want to improve the “Call Me Angie” link? If you can use a computer and not the mobile app, I’d create a drop-down menu so that clicking “Call Me Angie” would still take you to the about page, but hovering on “Call Me Angie” would let you choose links to the About Page as well as direct links to your social media feeds.

    As for your picture problem, I’m afraid I don’t rightly know. The times my own pictures haven’t shown up, I’ve been able to back out of the post, go back into the post, and then the preview would show them. Not sure if this will help in your situation.

    Don’t worry about copy/pasting HTML codes, sometimes that’s the only way for things like text size. However, you can now change font color in the Visual Editor (at least on a computer, not sure about mobile app).

    Keep playing around and don’t get discouraged; when in doubt, check the forums or google your question (just make sure to include wordpress.com in your search or you’ll get stuff for wordpress.org which doesn’t always help). Chances are, someone else has had your exact question.

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  2. Aligning your text to the centre is simple enough, just highlight it and press ‘ctrl’ + ‘e’, or use the button on the tool bar which shows bold black lines moving down. Hovering over it should reveal ‘align centre’.
    Changing your profile picture…the best way to do that is go into Gravatar and upload a picture to it. It requires you to sign in but that won’t be an issue. Find the gravatar by clicking on your profile and selecting ‘change gravatar’. It is easier to find if you are on a laptop or desktop. Not sure how it all differs on the mobile app. Hope this helps!

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