Book Fangirling Blog Award


Thank you Jill @ rantandraveaboutbooks  for nominating me for the Book Fangirling Blog Award. This is my first ever nomination for a blog award. Wow.❤


Thank the blogger who nominated you.
Answer the questions they set for you.
Set some new questions and nominate five more bloggers.

Jill’s Questions:

1. If you could be friends with any character from a book, movie, or TV show, who would it be?
-this is a hard question Jill, haha. Anyway, the first that comes to mind is Hermione Granger. She’s so cool! Imagine having her as your bestfriend in Hogwarts.

2. Have you read any books in the past year that have a large following? If so, do you now have  a better understanding of why they’re so popular?
– I guess The Maze Runner by James Dashner will qualify for this question. I read the book(despite the hype) after I’ve watch The Scorch Trials movie and I got excited about the book. The first book’s pacing is a bit hurried at some parts and since I’ve watched the movie first I was looking for some scenes which apparently aren’t in the book. I’m still quite at a loss on why this book is so popular. It’s an OK book but it’s weird that I like the supporting characters more than I like the lead.

3. Which fandom to do you love to hate?
-Hate is a heavy word, maybe the fandom that I ‘dislike’? Lol. That would be The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. Why? It was so hyped up that I was convinced to read The City of Bones and then… I DNF it. I hate to add books on my DNF list. So, there.

4. Are there any books or series you wish for a different ending?
– I generally accept whatever ending the author perceive as appropriate for their book. BUT the only thing I hate are cliff hangers. Nope.

5. If you could live any place from a book, movie, or TV show, where would it be? (You can choose anywhere from the Wizarding World in Harry Potter to somewhere as well-known as the setting of Gossip Girl in Manhattan. There’s no rules.)
– Hogwarts is the obvious answer but I think living in Diagon Alley would also be cool.❤

My questions:
1. What genre of books do you usually read? Why?
2. What is the first ever book you’ve read?
3. What fandom are you currently into?
4. Who’s your favorite author?  What are his/her works that you’ve read?
5. Fiction or Nonfiction? Why?


Raven and Beez
Diana @ dwgitau
Donna @ chocolatenwafflesblog

If you’ve already been nominated for this award and want to pass, that’s ok. 😁




14 thoughts on “Book Fangirling Blog Award

  1. Nice post! I’m glad you did this tag. Hermione is a good choice for a book friend. I liked her, too. I completely agree with you on The Maze Runner. I loved the books, but I liked the friends a lot more than the main characters. I thought Minho, Alby, and Newt were hilarious with their made up slang. I think I kept reading because of the way they talked to each other alone. And they reminded me of the Lost Boys in their own way.

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