Life in Books Tag

Thank you Nickvreys for tagging me on your Life in Books Tag post❤

I love tags and I have a lot of response posts to do. Sorry for the late responseS. Sometimes I’m Now I’m in the mood to answer tags.

⭐Find a book for each of your initials.
– my initials is AM.



– this book is still on my TBR. Someday, I’ll be able to read this.



– this one is on my DNF pile. Someday, somehow, I’ll be able to finish this.

⭐Count your age along your bookshelf. Which book is it?


– I’ve finish this book. But not sure if I’ll continue reading the whole series.

⭐Pick a book that represent a destination you would love to travel to.


– I would totally love to live in this world.❤

⭐Pick a book that’s your favorite colour.


– I love pink! Among the three, I’ve only read The Princess Diaries. Fashionably Late and Princess for Hire looks cute and the cover? Wow.❤

⭐Which book do you have the fondest memories of?


– this book started my love for reading. I just love Harry Potter.😁

⭐Which book did you have the most difficulty in reading?


– I have a lot of books that I have difficulty in reading and majority of those books ended up on my DNF pile. I have high expectations on The Magicians before I read the book. I managed to finish it but it was really hard. I just… *sigh*

⭐Which  book on your TBR pile will give you the biggest sense of accomplishment when you finish it?


– the first book on this series ended up as a DNF. IF I managed to finish this whole series, I might be able to start The Infernal Devices. It would be a huge feat if I’ll be able to finish them.

So, that’s it! If you also want to do this tag, feel free. I’m tagging ALL OF YOU. Enjoy!😁

*Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the images on this blog post. Got them on Google, credits to respective owners.*


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