T5W | Intimidating Books

Top Five Wednesday is a tag originating on youtube (booktube), created by Lainey of gingerreadslainey.

It’s top 5 Wednesday again and the topic is Books That Intimidates You.

I have a lot of issues to settle before reading a book, lol. This is one reason why my TBR list is long, the inkling to read is there BUT when I look at the book (or book series), I tend to overanalyze them.. Sorry.✌

So here are my top 5 Intimidating books:

1. A Song Of Ice And Fire by George R. R. Martin


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– the HYPE, the NUMBER OF PAGES, and it’s NOT YET DONE. This really intimidates me. I’ve seen the first season of the TV Series, so my expectations for this series is HIGH. I’m scared to be disappointed…

2. The Lord Of The Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien


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– the MOVIE, the HYPE and the LENGHT OF EACH BOOK. I guess same as the Song Of Ice And Fire, I have HIGH expectations for this. And I’ve watched the movies. No to disappointments..

3. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


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– I’m into a lot of fandoms but until this time, I haven’t read any of the book in this series. I kinda dubbed this series as “that something I’ll surely never read”. I don’t know why I’m intimidated on this. I also felt this way towards The Maze Runner but I managed to read the first book of that series. Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to get into this.

4. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak


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– the SETTING and the HYPE. I’ve read a lot of good reviews for this book. I’m just not fond of ” during war” kind of books. But I really want to read this.

5. Anything under the HORROR genre.


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– I generally avoid horror, scary or creepy books. I’ll surely have nightmares. These are the books that really scares and intimidates me. My imagination is vivid and NOPE. Not going to read them…✌


So, have you read the books on my list? Did you have the same entries as mine? Feel free to comment and link your this week’s T5W.😁
– angie


10 thoughts on “T5W | Intimidating Books

  1. LOTR is still on my TBR as well… Intimidating! However, The Book a Thief is my favourite book, I can’t recommend it enough! Seriously, read it and I promise you, you will love it, the war thing isn’t a massive deal, it’s about so much more than that. I’ve just started getting into The Hunger Games, I agree about the hype surrounding it. I’ve finished the first book and it really was great, I’m currently reading the second book now.

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  2. Horror is my favourite genre πŸ˜€ I actually wish I did find the books scary, haha! I’ve only read the first THG book and I know I need to finish the series, but I just keep putting it off because it’s been so long and I know everything that happens, so my brain is just like “you don’t need to read it”. I love the LOTR movies, but I really don’t think I could read the books.

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  3. The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones are on a number of lists. I have watched the TV show/films for both but never really though about reading the books. The Book Thief is one of my favorite books of all times. I loved it so much although only got to read it this year but it was so beautiful. I hope that you will like it if you ever decide to read it.

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