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I have always loved to read. The number of books I’ve read through the years seems unnatural (for others).

Before I started this blog (March12,2016), I never tried (again) to discuss books that I’ve read to “normal folks”. There was one time I was raving about Harry Potter and one person told me to stop reading such kind of books because it teaches witchcraft and it’s evil.

My thoughts that time “I’m sorry, WHAT?!” I was raised well (thank you parents❤) so I didn’t retaliate or utter even a single response. BUT deep, deep, deep inside, I was seething. I remember breathing in and out and giving a nod of acknowledgement. Since then, I never discuss books with that person. I curled in my shell and never discuss that part of me to that person. Yes, reading is a HUGE part of me.

I was okay (barely) living in my shell. Discovering and reading books without anyone to share to. Having adventures, laughing and crying with characters. Being friends with book characters and crushing over book boyfriends, lol.

I was fine. I refuse to let anyone kill my love for reading. I started to gain friends and little by little left my shell. I was beyond lucky to meet people that doesn’t judge me because of my hobby (passion❤), though they don’t share the same interest, they accepted me as ME.

It feels great to freely share my love for books. At some point, a few of my friends got into reading too. Not as much as I did but it’s a progress worth mentioning.

Then, that same person (HP is evil comment) told me to stop influencing MY friends on USELESS things. I know I shouldn’t care but I was young back then. 😭

This Book Blogging Community (is this how we call it?) helped me a lot. I felt for the first time that I belong. On this community, people are friendly and welcoming. In here, we understand that not everyone loves the books that you love and not everyone hates the books that you hate, lol. I can be myself and no one will judge me. I can share my thoughts and I won’t be called evil. In here I’ve experienced “oh I love that book too” and “Ugh, I DNF that book”  and “I recommend this book” moments. I met A LOT of wonderful bloggers and made some cool friends. I get to discuss my current reads, my favorite book and book series.❤

What prompted this post:
I realized how my days and weeks are filled with excitement. How I giddily wait for my favorite book  memes and tags and awards. I love it here. 😁💖

27 thoughts on “⭐Book Blogging Community⭐

  1. I totally understand you.😲

    Those are “things not to do when in a bibliophile’s company”, lol. Or “things you shouldn’t say in front of a potterhead” and you know, if you’re a muggle, just don’t pretend you know it.

    I don’t know how people live without books, haha. 🙋

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  2. Oh man tell me about it! Usually when I start talking to someone I always ask them if they read books cause then we would have common ground right? So I ask this girl about it and she goes “I haven’t read a book since I was in 3rd grade”

    We were in 12th grade!!

    And then I told her that maybe she should give Harry Potter a try cause MAYBE she just hasn’t found her book yet but she said “Oh please! That book is for kids”

    I had NEVER felt such rage before in my life! Needless to say that I have wiped her name from my memory.

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  3. Many people don’t realize that the secrets to life are found between the pages of a book! Oh well, just leaves more books for us book geeks to read while enjoying life! LOL! Book Nerds Unite! Great post, Angie! Glad you’re here!

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  4. I don’t know why, but I’m kind of happy the person just thought HP is evil and didn’t bash all books. :p At least they read something, I guess? I’m glad you found the book blogging community, though!

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  5. You have a young blog! I’ve never been told anything like what you were told. I’m looking forward to being told Harry Potter is evil, or something like that. I want to have that conversation where I constantly ask them why they feel that way. Try to use a bit of logic to confuse them or something like that 🙂

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  6. Are you a Christian or used to be one? I had the same experience when I was reading Harry Potter. Some people in church were telling my parents how Harry Potter was teaching kids witchcraft. Thankfully my parents didn’t cared. Oh, and then I went on to read the Da Vinci Code. Never told people in church about that one. Though sometimes I do imagine what their reaction would be like. Hmm…

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  7. I feel you! Sometimes when your friends aren’t into reading as much as you are you can’t discuss books with them (or you can but it would more or less be a one-way conversation.) I’ve been blogging for just less than a month and I haven’t posted much yet but it’s really great that here you can discuss your interests with other people and they can relate to you and vice versa. 🙂

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    • It’s still fun to share with non-readers. Those im-lost and what-is-she-yapping-about looks are adorable to see on my friends’ faces, lol.

      True. That “I know that book too” feeling. And exchanging thoughts and ideas and comment from people all around the globe is so amazing.😁


  8. This post is love ! ❤ The community is so supportive and kind it is a pleasure to share.. It never fails to lift up my spirits when I think of blogging and interacting with people here.

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  9. I love this post! We’re blogiversary buddies. I started mine two days after yours. Well, I think I started the WP account the same day as you, but I didn’t post until two days later. Thank you mean Harry Potter person because we wouldn’t have met if they weren’t so cranky. 😊

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