T5W | Best Book Mother/Maternal Figure

Top Five Wednesday is a tag originating on youtube (booktube), created by Lainey of gingerreadslainey.

It’s top 5 Wednesday again and the topic is mother/maternal book figures.

This is a hard topic for me. It took a while before I settled for my choices… I can only think of 4, sorry.✌

Here are the 4 best moms on bookville:

1. Molly Weasley from Harry Potter world


image from Google

– I love Molly!❤ Her dedication and love for her family and Harry is astounding. She’s also a great cook and a kick-a** witch.

2. Esme Cullen from Twilight Saga


image from Google

– I like the calm and loving way that Esme manages the Cullens. She’s so pleasant but also fierce on protecting her family.

3. Sally Jackson from Percy Jackson and the Olympians


image from Google

– blue food exists! You go girl!❤
The fact that she tolerates Gabe for Percy’s protection shows how much she loves her son.

4. Rosie York from Enjoying the Chase


image from Google

– Rosie loves her son DJ so much that even though she wants her ex-husband out of their lives, she can’t kick him out. She tolerates all the lies he throws into her as long as he pays his child support. She is also wary to let anyone into their lives because she doesn’t want her son to be hurt.


Well, that’s my T5W this week. What’s yours? Feel free to comment your link to this week’s T5W.😁


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