Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Love To Revisit As Adult

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, in which we all talk about a bookish topic and have fun making lists.

This week’s topic branched out to two interpretations (or more):
1. Characters you’d like to revisit when you’re a bit older (about 30 and above I think) and see if you’ll still love them and
2. Characters you’d like to revisit when the characters sort of grew and are already adults.

I’m a kid at heart so I’m not doing 1. I’m sure I’ll still love them even if I become old and wrinkly.😁

So, I’m choosing to name characters I would like to revisit when they’re already adults:

1. Harry Potter – How is Harry as a father? I would really love to meet him again and see how is he holding up with James, he seems to be a trouble maker. Lol. I want to see a different side of my favorite character. These are some of the questions I’ll ask him:
⚫What’s your current occupation? How’s the pay? (Nosy alert!😁)
⚫Are you planning for another kid?
⚫How’s Ginny as a wife?
⚫Who’s your favorite kid?

2. Hermione Granger – How’s the life of a mother in a magical world? I want to see how she interacts with her kids and with Ron. I want to know the difference between a young Hermione and a grown-up Hermione. These are my questions for her:
⚫Did you pursue a masterals degree?
⚫Are you strict with the kids’ studies?
⚫Are you strict with Ron on whatever?
⚫Are you planning for another kid?

3. Ronald Weasley – How is Ron as a father? I want to see how he interacts with his kids. What type of parenting will he use? What job does he have? Is Ron the head of the family? Or is it secretly Hermione? Lol. My questions:
⚫What’s your job?
⚫How do you bond with your kids?
⚫Have you spilled the fact that you cheated on your driver’s license test to Hermione yet?
⚫Is there a chance that you’ll dye your hair black?

4. Luna Lovegood – I love Luna. I want to know if she’ll change when she grows older. I want to know who she’ll end up with. Is she still as unique and eccentric upon reaching adulthood? I’ll ask her these:
⚫What’s your current job? Is it fun? Please listen. Focus Luna dear. *sigh*
⚫Are you in a relationship with someone at the moment? Who’s the lucky guy?
⚫How’s the Quibbler?
⚫How many kids would you like to have?

5. Draco Malfoy – I didn’t like him that much but I’m curious… Will I be allowed in their manor? Let’s just wing it. So here are my questions:
⚫Who’s your wife again?
⚫Will you allow your son to mingle with or befriend Harry’s or Ron’s kids?
⚫What’s your current occupation? Did your father put you into that position?
⚫Have you talked to Harry since the war?
⚫How do you feel that Neville is now a professor at Hogwarts?

6. George Weasley – I’m tearing up. *takes out handkerchief* Ok, let’s get this over with.
⚫How’s the business? Have you branched out yet?
⚫Do you have a girlfriend?
⚫Are you still staying on the shop or have you bought a new place?
⚫Do you have a mirror on your place? *cries hard*

7. Percy Jackson – this guy is adorable! I want to pinch his cheeks in person. How is he as a boyfriend or husband to Annabeth? I’m guessing they’ll end up with each other. These are my questions:
⚫How are you coping with Annabeth?
⚫What’s your current job Percy? Have you encountered a monster during work hours?
⚫How did you or how will you propose to Annabeth? Or did she propose already?
⚫Have you been to Olympus lately?
⚫How’s your mom? Does she still cook blue foods?

8. Annabeth Chase – Here’s a strong-willed girl for you. Sometimes I forget that she was a teenager during the war. I’m curious as to what she’s achieved through the years. Here’s my polite questions (I don’t want to be punched, thank you):
⚫Did you pursue Architecture?
⚫Did you propose to Percy yet?
⚫How’s your relationship with your father? Your stepmom and siblings?
⚫Have you been to Olympus after the war?
⚫Have you had contact with your mom as of late?


I can only come up with 8. As you can see majority is from the Harry Potter Wizarding World and from Percy Jackson and the Olympians Universe. I love these book series.

Feel free to comment and link your post on this week’s TTT.😁



4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Love To Revisit As Adult

  1. Haha, haven’t read Percy Jackson yet, (recently bought the first book, so I’m going to read it soon!) but I was tempted to list out all the characters from Harry Potter too. There’s just too many interesting characters!

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