Nostalgia Can Make Me Cry

I kept myself busy with watching television and surfing the net for the whole week. I only managed to finish ONE book. 😓

When my younger cousins switched the channel to Disney Channel, a movie was playing…


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High School Musical first movie! I am a big fan! Troy and Gabriela’s first meeting, the SONGS, the characters, the BREAKING FREE audition at the end and the life lessons presented on this movie!💜

I was a bit emotional. I realized how long it’s been since this movie. My childhood ship is Gabriela and Troy. Lol.

The next day, still on Disney Channel…


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Princess Diaries! One of my favorite princess books and cheesy Cinderella-like movie of all time. After watching this for the nth time, it never fails to make me laugh and cry. Yep, I got teary eyed on Mia’s speech. Go princess!🙋

Now let’s switch to my YouTube finds:


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Do you know these guys? I’m a super fan of STEPS! Like totally!😘 When I accidentally saw one video of theirs in YouTube, I started searching related videos of their songs. I used to have a CD of their Halloween concert and tried to locate it on YouTube and luckily, I found their Vevo. The songs on that concert made me cry and the steps! I danced (again) and followed the steps for each song. It was nostalgic, this is a huge part of my childhood music. I sort of cried.

Then I remembered a movie I’m also fond of because of the songs, the characters and the lesson it gives…


image from Google

I give you LEMONADE MOUTH!🍋 The songs are still phenomenal and the characters are adorable!😚 I’m in a musical mood, yeah. 😎

And then the “most nostalgia and cry-inducing” point goes to…


image from Google

First ever Digimon! I used to be so loyal in watching this. It’s a kiddie show and that time, this world is sooo amazing on my young mind. My brother and I watched every episode of this faithfully. I used to wish and pray that I will have my own Digimon and I could help save the world. I ship Hikari and Takeru, the youngest kids among the group. I cried when this ended.:'( There was a next season but different kids and I still want the original kids.


That concludes my nostalgic moment this week. Ah, the tears I shed for these shows. Do you know or have you heard of the person/show mentioned in my post?



5 thoughts on “Nostalgia Can Make Me Cry

  1. High school musical(oh! the songs) and Digimon! Oh! you made me tear up too! By any chance, do you know about Dragon Tales? the English cartoon series? (Going back further in history of childhood!)

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  2. I love Princess Diaries! Made me a fan of Anne Hathaway. I love High School Musical too. I still remember the first time I watched it. It was in math class of all things. I can’t remember the specifics, but the teacher brought us to the computer lab and then showed it to us. Didn’t finish it because class was only an hour long, but borrowed the DVD from a friend and watched it through.

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