A Kiss At Midnight – Book Review

Title: A Kiss At Midnight
Author: Eloisa James
Series: #1 of Fairy Tales


Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟.5

It’s been awhile since I posted a review. Here it comes…😘

I love Cinderella retellings and I’m unashamely lenient when rating them.😁

It was a slow start and I almost gave up with all the jargons of the Regency/Victorian era, can’t tell which. But I persevered and was rewarded with an intricately written story. I really felt like I’m in the story and I love that there’s an alternating POVs of the lead girl and boy.

The Cinderella girl – Lady Katherine or Kate has a crybaby of a half-sister and a truly evil stepmother who fondly wants to be called ‘Herself’.

The Prince – Prince Gabriel is also an archaeologist (I think) and is responsible for an estate fillled with outcasts and a castle that is near to crumbling.

The circumstances of Kate entering the castle/palace is like a covert mission wherein she poses as her half-sister trying to win the approval of the prince for Victoria’s (half-sister) and Algie’s (Victoria’s beau) wedding.

So starts Kate’s adventures as Victoria. Meeting the Prince, her estranged godmother, the people on the castle, trying to be sweet to poor Algie and Victoria’s dogs and trying to act like the lady everyone expected.

The trivial rules on this time was expected for such premise. The rules of the courts, the gossips, politics, dowries, estates and inheritances. Being a lady and a prince comes with a lot of trials, intrigues and problems. I love it!💜


I always try not to give out spoilers when reviewing…😽

I have two books in mind that gave me a somewhat similar feelings like this book:

Palace Of Spies
The Ugly Stepsister



5 thoughts on “A Kiss At Midnight – Book Review

  1. Interesting. I’ve seen this around but haven’t thought much about it. I guess the cover screams “romance” at me more than “fairy tale retelling,” and romance isn’t really my genre. I kind of love that the stepmother wants to be called “Herself” though, and the parts you mention about the plot sound pretty intriguing.

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