The Sword of Summer – Book Review

Title: The Sword of Summer
Author: Rick Riordan
Series: #1 of Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard


Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Honestly, I was hesitant to start another Rick Riordan series because I wanted to finish Heroes of Olympus first.

I was bored and can’t seem to choose a book to read. But when I saw this, I thought “Rick won’t let me down.” Though I DNF the first book on the Kane Chronicles, I enjoyed the Percy Jackson world.

I finished this book in one seating. It was soooo good.👍 I felt a Percy Jackson vibe but it has its own feel. I’m not familiar with Norse mythology. I know Thor and Loki because of the movies and that’s it. I struggled with the names and stuff I can’t even pronounce but still I persevered.

*Mild spoiler alert onwards*

When I saw the name “Annabeth”, I thought “you can’t pick another one?”. Turns out, it’s really her! Daughter of Athena, Annabeth from the Percy Jackson world and she’s Magnus’ cousin! Yay!😁 They’re both Chase, why  haven’t I thought of that?😮 I managed to avoid spoilers for this book and it’s a nice surprise..

Magnus’ sarcasm reminds me of Percy’s with a subtle edge on it. Magnus tends to come up with nicknames for people/entity. “diabolical version of Porky Pig” made me laugh out loud. I love the wittiness of Riordan’s characters. Sorry not sorry.✌

I learned a lot on Norse mythology because of this book (they’re legit right? I didn’t check). It was action packed and a lot of humor but not overly done. I love the characters, Blitz and Hearth and even Sam. I guess even Norse gods are whimsical, I’m looking at you Thor.😛

Did I mention the chapter titles? Hilarious.😍👍

Anyway, I was hoping Annabeth joined in the fun. I hope there was more of Annabeth, like a lot, lot more and maybe even Percy. 😁

All in all, it was an amazing and hilarious read. Can’t wait for The Hammer Of Thor.🙋💜


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