Idol – Book Review

Title: Idol
Author: Kristen Callihan
Series: #1 in VIP



I loooove this book!😍

I love the premise, the characters, the songs (though I can’t relate that much), and the sweet romance.👍💜

Killian is hot… and he’s so sweet and so into Libby, I feel sooo giddy.😍


I don’t know how to express my love for this book. I even read it twice because it’s soooo good!😍


I almost forgot to tell you guys the blurb, lol. I’m in a gushing mode.🙌

The story revolves around Killian, head vocalist of a world famous band named Kill John (weird name for a band but I don’t care, haha) who crashed (literally) on our country bumpkin Libby’s life.

The transition from hate-at-first-sight, to neighbors, to friends, to lovers is awesome and sweet and hot and hot, did I mention hot?😁

I can’t remember giving that much 5🌟 for an NA book. But this book deserves it.👍

I highly recommend this book! Let’s fangirl about Killian and Libby! 😁



*I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment so I added some gifs for good measure, lol😁


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