4 Months of Blogging & Much Thanks!

4 months people! Can’t believe how fast time flies!😘


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Last July 12 marked my 4th month of blogging. I wasn’t that consistent this month of July because I’m currently looking for a job, again. I recently quit.😭

Even though I was busy I’m still glad to have some time to blog and share my love for books. Reading others’ posts and posting my own makes me really happy. And also commenting on posts and receiving likes and replies really makes my day bright.😁

Thank you sooo much for those who interacted with me through follows, comments, likes, tags and awards. I love you all and I’m trying to follow a lot of book related blogs on this book blogging community.😻 Even if my gmail inbox gets overwhelmed, I DON’T CARE, lol.😸

Stats aren’t everything but still they make me smile.😁 Thank you.🙌


Guys. Mina-san. Friends. Everyone. Thank you for the clicks.😍💜


This is sooo overwhelming…😭😭😭 Waaahhh… Even though my theme sucks (it’s a pre-define one) and I haven’t have the time to personalise my blog feel, still you guys are here with me. Maybe by now, you can see how emojis decorate my comments and posts, lol. THANK YOU.😘



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