–Donating A Book–

It’s hard to part with a book. At first, I was so sure about donating a book to help fill up a library of sorts that an organization is trying to build for bookworms or I think anyone who might be interested.

But then, while taking pictures of the first ever physical book I’ve ever bought (dated Feb10,2008), I’m having second thoughts.

I feel so nostalgic, lol. It’s like I’m giving away my favorite pet (not that I have a pet).😿

The book I’m about to donate today is The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot. If you’ve been following me for a while now, you might have caught on my fascination on royalty, especially princesses.

Here are the pics I took. Sorry for the poor quality.✌




Can you see that spine? Lol.😁 Can’t remember how many times I’ve read this book.

But this is for the better good, so go me! 🙌



10 thoughts on “–Donating A Book–

  1. I’m extremely protective of all my books – I only have two shelves to keep all my books on, so I make sure I keep a hold of all of them. Occasionally I’ll exchange one of them at my usual secondhand bookshop if I haven’t read it yet and probably ever won’t, and even then I’ll gain credit from it that I can use to buy another book, so it’s a win-win situation either way.

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  2. I never used to get rid of books. Then I moved a long distance and shipping hundreds (probably over 1000) books was going to be costly. I kept most of them. But I made some hard decisions and probably gave about 200 away. I asked myself if I even liked the books, whether I was ever going to read them or read them again, whether anyone I knew was ever likely to read them, and (of course) whether they had any sentimental value or good memories. It turns out I owned a lot of books I don’t particularly miss, and I’m always acquiring more anyway.

    But getting myself to give them away that first time was probably the hardest thing. I do give away single books now I don’t particularly care for, though I’m sure a massive purge would still be hard.

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    • Wow. 200 books? I’m not sure if I can do that… I’m a bit clingy, lol..😁

      Thanks so much for the comment. And yes, I mulled over a lot of things before deciding to let this book go… It’s the deciding part that was hard (though it’s just one book,lol) but I was able to do it. Yay.😸


  3. Good job Angie, its difficult to part with things that we love especially books for bookworms. I find it hard to even allow friends to borrow books for fear that they may not return them. I applaud you doing this.

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  4. This takes me back to when I had a garage sale last Summer. I needed to get rid of old clothes so bad but as I’m going through them I frown a sudden attachment to them….lol

    It’s so hard to get rid of things! I loved this books also and I love whenever the movie is on TV!

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