My Bookish Update (July18-24)

So I’m sticking with ‘My Bookish Update’ as the title for my weekly updates.😛 Here goes:

Moment#1: I finished these books.



1. Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren – 🌟🌟.5

I recently added this on my to-read shelf on GR. But when I started reading it, I realized I’ve already read this before. Though the deets are blurry on my mind, this is technically a re-read, lol.

Both of the lead characters are indecisive most of the time. They kind of infuriated me. The conflict is real but their relationship is somewhat unhealthy. Bad enough that I laugh at parts that aren’t supposed to be funny. Still, I managed to finish it.


2. The Billionaire Wins The Game by Melody Anne – 🌟🌟.5


It was sooo fast-paced. The switch of point of views is confusing. It was rushed and the characters are a bit one dimensional. It has a promising plot but it didn’t worked for me. 😿

3. On The Surface by Kate Willoughby – 🌟🌟🌟


I can’t believe I started another hockey series – In The Zone, lol.😁 Anyway, the first book is about Tim and Erin. Right wing for the San Diego Barracudas and a nurse. The plot is simple. It has its amazing and some funny moments.

It was an okay start for the series. I just didn’t feel the “bang”. Though it made me want to continue on book 2. 🙋

4. Across The Line by Kate Willoughby – 🌟🌟🌟.5


The second book is better than the first. It’s a story about Calder and Becca. There’s a lot of hurdles they needed to overcome. I love how the problems on their relationship – long distance, work over love, pride and a lot of things were so realistic.

I was a bit frustrated on Becca with her need to be independent all the time but I get it. Sometimes a lot of misunderstandings happen because of miscommunication. I love this book but it could have been shorter. But still, it was a nice read.👍

5. Out Of The Game by Kate Willoughby – 🌟🌟🌟.5


The third book is about Alex and Claire. I saw this one coming since book one. I didn’t expect the conflicts they had to face but it was really realistic.

I love Alex and Claire’s relationship. I like Claire’s personality. Alex is a bit of a coward sometimes but I understand where it’s coming from. I like it that Tim and Erin was in the story as supporting characters. Nice book.👍

6. Under The Spotlight by Kate Willoughby – 🌟🌟🌟


I was hesitant to read book 4 because I don’t like the blurb for this story. I was hoping for Mac’s story but it gave me Joe’s story. I was like “why Joe? He wasn’t even mentioned on the previous books (I think).” He was  pictured as a veteran but I thought Tim, Alex, Jason and Hart (and Calder?) are the only veterans on the team. It was a bit inconsistent unlike the first three books that has interlapping time lines and scenes.

It’s an okay book but it could have been shorter. It felt like infinite struggles are thrown on Joe and Christine and then it was hastily solved in the end. I’m seeing a pattern on the books and again I still think they could have been shorter. I’m not sure if I’ll continue on this series.:?


I kinda binge read on NA novels this week (I read 6).😸 Hopefully, next week I’ll be able to switch to fantasy because I need to at least dent my ever growing fantasy books TBR.🙋

It’s already Monday here. May we all have a good week.😘



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