August 12 is THE DAY❤

Hello friends!🙋

I feel like it’s been so long since I logged in on WordPress.. 😿

This very day, 12th of August, yours truly is celebrating TWO MAJOR EVENTS in my life. And I want to share it with you all.😁



OMG! This blog is celebrating its 5th month of existence today.. 💜

The world seems like in a fast forward mode. September is approaching and then in a blink, it will be Christmas season! My favorite time of the year!😍

Thank you for everyone who interacted with me for the past five months! You guys kept me going.😘 My posts will be a bit lessened this month because of my next news. But I’ll try my best to post and interact with everyone.✌



As you can see, today is my first day of work. After months of trying to look for a job, finally I found one.. 😭 I’m currently typing this after a tiring day from work. Everything hurts. But I’m so glad to find a job.🙌

While contemplating this I realize how awesome you guys are for being able to balance work and reading books.. Kudos to you!👍 I’ll try time management.😸



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