Hello world!🙋

It’s actually not yet 2017 here, 1 more hour.

But by then I’ll be busy jumping and screaming my head off, so I’m posting now,lol. In our country, there’s a belief/superstition that if you jump high (like super high) you’ll get taller. I know it doesn’t have a scientific basis but it’s some sort of tradition for people to go jumping when the clock strikes 12.;)

On this post I’ll list my 2016 milestones:

1. I started this blog: March 12😎

– OMG! I never had so much fun until I put on my girl panties and decided to start a book blog. I love the book blogging community. I met a lot of good friends and friendly people all over the world.🌎

All the books I discovered just because of blogging. This is where I realized that I’m not alone on my obsession with books and having a crush on a fictional character is totally NORMAL.😛

I’ve been blogging for 9 months but I can’t see myself stopping. I love blogging and talking about books.💞

2. I created a Goodreads account: May (my account – shameless plug😁)

– I started blogging by March and have heard about Goodreads but it was not until May when I decided to finally try it.

At first, I felt like it was a hassle but when I got comfortable using it, there was no going back.😝

This site is the reason that I discovered a lot of books and my TBR increased. But I love it!💜

3. Finally got a job: August 12😁

– This is the year when I finally got a job (that I like).😸

Having a job affected my blogging time but hopefully next year I’ll be able to be more consistent and not just post weekly and monthly updates. I’ll try my hardest.👊

PS: I recently have my hair colored. 😺


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