Falling Kingdoms – Book Review #1 (2017)

Title: Falling Kingdoms 

Author: Morgan Rhodes

Series: #1 of Falling Kingdoms

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟.5

This is my first book for 2017. I decided to start with a bang and chose Falling Kingdoms. I expected a lot from this and was a bit disappointed.😑

What can I say about this book.. Hmmm.. It has A LOT of characters and I was a bit confused at first. There’s a lot of politics and magic and folklore. My main concern is that I didn’t connect with any of the characters.

There was a time that I was rooting for some guys to end up okay and well, what can I say, my heart was crushed many times. So I ended up not caring because they will eventually die,lol.😁

I honestly don’t care about Cleo. I’m a bit curious on what Jonas will do but not enough. Magnus and Lucia’s story is tragic. Hmmm and that Watcher who seems to have fallen for Lucia is making me intrigued but still not enough.

The world building is not that solid and a little bit all over the place but it’s okay since it’s the first book, I guess that’s acceptable.

It was okay but it didn’t blew my mind. I guess it wasn’t for me.

PS: I read a lot of review saying that the succeeding books are better so I might continue this series.🙋

PPS: I will try to review all the books I will finish for the year 2017. This is the first year that I joined the Goodreads challenge and I set an ambitious goal: 150. Wish me luck.😘 (my Goodreads)


6 thoughts on “Falling Kingdoms – Book Review #1 (2017)

  1. I’m kind of glad this one isn’t stellar bc it was on sale and I passed on it bc I hadn’t heard much about it…I didn’t want to be kicking myself! Lol!
    But at least it was decent, so I might have to give it a go at some point…great review! And I love your hairstyle!

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    • Thank you!🙋

      That hair color was unexpected because I was sure I chose a boring dark brown color when they asked me. And then, after the treatment, it turns out to be vibrant brown. Oh well, at least it’s not that bad, lol.😁

      There’s a lot of hype on this series that’s why I finally decided to read this. I decided that this year I’ll read books I’m wary of. And also I will try other genres than my usual straight up New Adult novels.😸


    • Yup, the hype is the reason I added this on my shelf. And also I was hoping to dive into High Fantasy this year but this doesn’t seem like a High Fantasy novel. I’m not the expert on this genre but I thought it will be more complex and also this is YA..

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  2. Great review! This has been on my shelf for a good few months now but I still haven’t gravitated towards it. Everyone seems to have read this series but no one ever talks about it so I’m grateful you posted this, thank you!! 💖

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    • You’re welcome. 😃

      This has been on my shelf too for so long now and I decided to finally read this. It wasn’t mind boggling but I heard and read from reliable sources that it gets better on the succeeding books. Hoping to read the next installments of this series. 💞

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