Him – Book Review #2 (2017)

Title: Him

Author: Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen

Series: #1 of Him

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I will try to not spoil but I might slip along the way so be warned.😛
Jamie and Wes are sooo cute and hot together. I love them.👍

I expected this book to be good but I was still surprised on how much I love this book. This is a story between friends that became something more.

At first, I thought it will all be sexy and hot times only. But the conflict is real. I felt sad for both of them because it really wasn’t easy. Wes’ family can go head off a cliff for all I care but Jamie’s family is LOVE LOVE LOVE.💜

I felt so many emotions while reading this, I was even teary eyed on the latter part. It wasn’t really a perfect book but it made me sooo happy and gushing and emotional so I’m giving it 5 stars.😸

And I’m really greatful for the epilogue, love it.🙋 Honestly, I’m good with this ending. I do believe there’s a second book to this (Us – I’m not sure if they are the main couple on that book) but I’m more than okay with this, I can always re-read this. 😉

Also, I think it would have been cuter if the title is HIS (you know the mugs?), lol.😁

PS: Recommended.👍


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