Just A Bit Confusing – Book Review #3 (2017)

Title: Just A Bit Confusing

Author: Alessandra Hazard 

Series: #5 of Straight Guys

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Wow. I knew it will be their story and it was amazing. I don’t know why but unrequited love really tugs on my heart strings.

This is the story of James and Ryan. Ryan is Zach’s brother from book 4 of this series. Anyway, they were childhood friends, best mates, best friends and everything.

Ryan thought everything is fine but unknowingly James has been in love with Ryan for a long time now. Seeing Ryan with girls and starting to get serious on someone is the final straw for James.

James wanted to move on and just let go. He just didn’t know how and was unprepared on the lengths Ryan will do to retain their friendship..

So that’s the gist (which is technically the blurb reworded). Anyway all the feels when I read this book… Ahhh… My 💘.

I love them.👍

PS: It can be a standalone but I recommend reading the previous books so you’ll know who’s who.🙋


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