Just A Bit Ruthless – Book Review #4 (2017)

Title: Just A Bit Ruthless

Author: Alessandra Hazard 

Series: #6 of Straight Guys 

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This is also good in a different way. It has a different feel compared to the previous books.

I always think that books on this series is too short. I mean it felt too short. I was so into the story and will get shocked when I realized that I’m already halfway through the book.

I didn’t expect Luke to have the same vibe as Tristan without the evil vibe, lol.😁

And Roman is the supposedly bad guy who can’t refuse Luke. Lol.😸
Luke and Roman is a good match. I love them, they’re cute and cuddly and hot.💜

I was hoping for a glimpse of Roman’s family and also Roman’s not so legal business. Anyway I was just giddy all throughout the book.

I love it.👍

PS: I’m not sure about the next book. It’s about Vlad. Not a fan but I read the blurb and is a bit interested, we’ll see. 🙋


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