I’m back!❤

Hello! It’s been a while.✌

My last post here is last February. I even missed the anniversary of my blog.😿 By the way, I achieved my one year of blogging last March 12.🎂🎉 BUT WordPress didn’t notify me about it, WHY?😤😭

I had a goal of posting a book review here for every book that I’ve read. I guess I can say now that it was a fail.😭 Though, I was consistent on posting my reviews on Goodreads. 😆 Here’s my account, feel free to add me: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/55751161-angie 

It was a busy few months for me. But I managed to read books, here’s my Goodreads challenge to keep you up to date on my reading: 

Finally, today I have time to visit my blog and update my social media accounts.😎

I was away for so long but still when I checked my notifs, there was a lot who started following me and my old friends are still following me. Thank you so much! I’ll try my best to post regularly again.😍😘💞


10 thoughts on “I’m back!❤

  1. We’ve read a comparable amount of books so far this year, and I certainly haven’t reviewed everything I read! Just the thought makes me tired, so I think you’re doing alright. :p

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