🎉My 2020 Reading Highlights🎉


How do I start this post? 2020 definitely is a year that I will never forget. I thought pandemic will remain as a second hand knowledge to me. Those of which I only read on books and watch on movies. But here we are now after experiencing a year (or more) of a life during pandemic.

I will not dwell on the negatives of the previous year on this post, instead I will try to list down things that somehow made my 2020 bearable or new or a bit something happy.

Photo by Ava Motive from Pexels


1.) I managed to read 89 books last year. 😊

2.) I was able to review ALL the books I have read last year. Though by the time I managed to finish my pending reviews, it’s already the 24th of January 2021.😅


1.) After years of contemplating if I should do it, last year I finally decided to try out ARCs. I don’t know what I was doing but I still went and created an account on NetGalley, Edelweiss and BookSirens.

I watched and read tips before requesting but I still ended up biting more than I can chew, lol. It was a fun thing though a bit stressful at first.😅

2.) Last year I tried widening my horizon by trying out genres I don’t usually pick. There were some misses (I expected that) but I actually discovered my love for Women’s Fiction. It was a huge surprise for me that I will like this genre. So now I have a new genre to choose books from.😁


1.) I will try to finish all my ARCs on time and clean up my backlist ARCs.

2.) I was hoping I can read 100+ books this year. I was able to do that on 2017 but since then I haven’t reached 3 digits for my reading goal.

3.) I kept on buying/downloading books from Kindle store and I have 300+ of ebooks unread as of this post. I was hoping to make a dent on it this year. I should probably need to stop browsing for free ebooks on the Kindle store. 😅

4.) I will try out more genres this year. I’m a bit hesitant about this but I will try my best.

5.) I will post more on this blog and not just book reviews. I will join in on the usual daily/weekly memes.😉

6.) I’ll also do blog hopping more and comments and likes on blog posts.

For now, this is it! My goals for 2021 is a bit ambitious but 2021 here I come! 😆

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