The Trophy Wife – Book Review #15 (2021)

Title: The Trophy Wife

Author: Sunday Tomassetti

Series: Standalone

image credits to Goodreads

Goodreads synopsis:

What are friends for?

Wallflower Cate Cabot has always been content to keep the world at arms’ length, particularly from behind the register at the upscale Floridian boutique where she’s worked for the last nine years. Her days are filled with old-moneyed locals and nouveau-riche tourists, most of them paying her no mind as she rings up their lavish hauls.

Until Odessa DuVernay.

At first glance, she’s just another picture-perfect Palm Shores trophy wife—until she proves herself personable, humble, and unassuming. She even goes so far as to take a genuine interest in Cate, inviting her for lunch dates, matinees, and girl talk—a refreshing change of pace for the woman who never quite mastered the art of making (and keeping) friends. 

But what begins as an unlikely friendship detours into the unthinkable when Odessa leaves Cate a panicked voicemail asking to meet—and then ghosts her. And worse—when Cate attempts to find her, it’s as if the enigmatic Mrs. DuVernay never existed at all… 

Consumed, Cate refuses to stop searching. But the truth won’t come easy.

In fact, it could cost her everything.

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟

I rarely read books under the mystery genre. I have a few books under the genre that I could choose from. But lately I’m kinda in the mood for mystery, so I decided to read this.

Firstly, this is the story of Cate. She is a normal shop cashier and just living a seemingly routine life for the past years. Then came in a new customer of their shop and despite looking very rich is somehow approachable. They started a friendship and this is where the story is centered.

I will try to review this book without spoiling anything. This was a slow read for me on the earlier part and it was a bit boring for me. Nothing is happening apart from Cate obsessing over her mysterious friend. Midway through the book I was sure I can see the plot twist from afar. Then on the final reveal, turns out my predictions are wrong. But that’s because I didn’t catch any clues leading to the great reveal. Plot holes anyone?

Instead of goosebumps for the genius of the twist, it was more of a ‘Huh? What happened?’ kind of feeling.

Unfortunately this was a bit of a bland read for me. I guess Sean is the only sunshine on the book. Might still try out mystery this month.

I have so many pending posts. Just soooo lazy.✌

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