Superstars of Tomorrow – Book Review #18 (2021)

Title: Superstars of Tomorrow

Author: Lazy Cliche

Translator: Min_Lee

Series: Standalone

image credits to Goodreads

Goodreads synopsis:

Toward the end of the apocalyptic period, Fang Zhao lost his life. However, instead of dying, he found himself 500 years later in the body of a young and aspiring composer who shared the same name. Having received a second chance at life, Fang Zhao sets out to achieve the previous owner’s dreams.

Armed with the experience of living through an apocalyptic age and his profession as a composer before that period, Fang Zhao uses his talent, wits, and knowledge to make his mark in the entertainment industry of the future.

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

What a long journey. It took me about 5 days to finish this book.😁

This web novel has 500+ chapters, per chapter is about 2 pages worth, so more or less 1000 pages? I didn’t realized it was sooo long BUT worth it.👍

This is the story of Fang Zhao. This is a reincarnation, sci-fi and fantasy themed book. So Fang Zhao died during an apocalyptic war and reincarnated after 500 years. This is his journey as he try to leave his mark on history and enjoy the things he was unable to do on his previous life.

World building alone is already 5 star worthy for me. I don’t usually like over powered mcs but this one amazingly worked for me.

This one has lots of clichés, face slappings and comedic undertone to it which are common on web novels. I totally enjoyed reading this.❤ I lost a lot of sleep trying to finish this.😅

I love that it has composing, gaming, acting and military themes on it. Our mc is very versatile.😂

A very enjoyable read recommended for fans of web novels.👍❤

I will try to post my backlog reviews today. Wish me luck.🤗❤


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