Nostalgia Can Make Me Cry

I kept myself busy with watching television and surfing the net for the whole week. I only managed to finish ONE book. 😓

When my younger cousins switched the channel to Disney Channel, a movie was playing…


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High School Musical first movie! I am a big fan! Troy and Gabriela’s first meeting, the SONGS, the characters, the BREAKING FREE audition at the end and the life lessons presented on this movie!💜

I was a bit emotional. I realized how long it’s been since this movie. My childhood ship is Gabriela and Troy. Lol.

The next day, still on Disney Channel…


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Princess Diaries! One of my favorite princess books and cheesy Cinderella-like movie of all time. After watching this for the nth time, it never fails to make me laugh and cry. Yep, I got teary eyed on Mia’s speech. Go princess!🙋

Now let’s switch to my YouTube finds:


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Do you know these guys? I’m a super fan of STEPS! Like totally!😘 When I accidentally saw one video of theirs in YouTube, I started searching related videos of their songs. I used to have a CD of their Halloween concert and tried to locate it on YouTube and luckily, I found their Vevo. The songs on that concert made me cry and the steps! I danced (again) and followed the steps for each song. It was nostalgic, this is a huge part of my childhood music. I sort of cried.

Then I remembered a movie I’m also fond of because of the songs, the characters and the lesson it gives…


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I give you LEMONADE MOUTH!🍋 The songs are still phenomenal and the characters are adorable!😚 I’m in a musical mood, yeah. 😎

And then the “most nostalgia and cry-inducing” point goes to…


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First ever Digimon! I used to be so loyal in watching this. It’s a kiddie show and that time, this world is sooo amazing on my young mind. My brother and I watched every episode of this faithfully. I used to wish and pray that I will have my own Digimon and I could help save the world. I ship Hikari and Takeru, the youngest kids among the group. I cried when this ended.:'( There was a next season but different kids and I still want the original kids.


That concludes my nostalgic moment this week. Ah, the tears I shed for these shows. Do you know or have you heard of the person/show mentioned in my post?



Selective Amnesia Will Drive Me Crazy

I’m sitting in front of our television  and busy watching a show. Yep, still not reading anything…😛

This girl, the main protagonist, can’t remember a thing from her childhood. While watching this show, I came upon the scary probability of it happening to me.

Me, having an amnesia and forgetting all the books I’ve ever read or worst forgetting even the fact that I love books? Nooooo!🙉

What am I supposed to be doing in my life if I’m not reading any book? And then I started thinking of all the social media accounts that will be erased in my memory and I started panicking. I went mental and wrote my account details per social media account on my ever reliable notebook..

This bout of craziness stopped when I’m done jotting things down.  *sigh*😆

Then I realized the existence of SELECTIVE AMNESIA (there’s such a thing right? I saw it on TV, lol) and I feared for my self. If I had total amnesia, clean slate and all, I won’t know who I am. But if I can only remember some things, how confuse will I be?😱

Imagine remembering the Golden Trio and thinking they’re your friends, real friends. Or all of my book boyfriends and assuming I met all of them and they’ve fallen for ME. All those fantastical worlds you thought you’ve already visited a lot of times. Those magical items you think will work in the real world. And all those spells J.K. Rowling taught me/us. ⚡

Oh, what if in my selective-amnesia-self I won’t know the difference between real life and my ever broad imagination and then my fangirl life, and ALL the books I’ve ever read. I’ll go crazy!😭


Can you guys feel me? 😵

Btw, these emojis are helpful.. Lol.



This is a random post. Sorry for ranting.✌


Realizations While People-Watching

Current location when I wrote this: in a mall, bored out of my mind😪

Surrounded with a lot of people, I’ve never felt soooo alone. I’m in a gloomy (is this a word?) mood this past few days. I’m currently in a reading slump.

I look in front of me and see misses busy with putting makeup on their faces. They look so natural doing that and I thought why can’t I be like them? Someone who cares about their appearance.

On my right is a guy, sleeping. He looks tired, still wearing his uniform from work and I asked myself, “when was the last time I was so tired doing something, anything?”

At my left side, a lady admonishing her son(?) but still smiling. Am I ever gonna have kids? Will I be a great mother?

Everyone around me is in motion. I’ve been sitting here for a while now. Every 5 or 10 minutes, the people around me changes. They leave their sit and probably go back to their busy life. They’ll sit on the benches and rest for a while. Me? I’m sitting here trying to pass the time because I have nothing to do.

I try observing everyone and no one is doing the same thing that I’m doing: people-watching. I just feel so removed (can’t think of a better term) from life. I really need to find a job.

I need to stop comparing myself to others. Maybe I’m just on the wrong crowd. I haven’t met those kindred souls in person, because book bloggers/bibliophiles are my kind of kindred souls.

I’m being melodramatic, I know. Lol. And there’s a background song I don’t recognize, it sounds like an “oldies” or more probably a new song I’ve never heard of.

If I have enough money, I’ll start a bookstore business. My dream job is to be paid for reading books and sell amazing books to a lot of people. My thoughts are jumbled, sorry.✌

So, I’ll be ending this random musings of mine. I’m still bored by the way. 😁