A Newbie’s WordPress Problem

I started this WordPress blog last March 12 (of this year – 2016), so obviously I’m still a beginner, amateur, baby, a newbie in terms of blogging and making use of WordPress. I’m not into too much technicalities but maybe a little info to beautify(is there such a word?) my posts.

I mean, I browse posts and blogs and can’t help but notice how bland my posts are. At least putting pictures are just a click away.

So, here are some mysteries I haven’t solved yet:

1. How Oh how do I change the color of texts in my blog? I’ve seen others with red, blue, green and even PINK. I’m generally a bubbly, colorful person, so my black and white posts are meh.Β DONE!πŸ’œ

2. Why is it that even though my post has a picture, when I go to my site, the preview of my post doesn’t have one?

3. How to change text size? DONE!πŸ’œ

4. How to align the texts “center” when needed?Β DONE!πŸ’œ

5. Did you see the menu thing on my page and then when you click it, it shows the “Call Me Angie” link to my other social media accounts? It’s funny. How do I improve that?

6. My profile picture is still the gray person default. Please. How? πŸ™ DONE! Did you see my pic?πŸ’œ

That’s it for now. I’ll add up in here the mysteries I’ll encounter along my journey here in WordPress. Anyone in there who’s nice enough to help? I’ll totally appreciate it. I love you all.πŸ’œ

*I was able to use the Visual Editor BUT I don’t know where the save button is so I ended up copy pasting the HTML codes.*


Music Prompt

I’ve seen this prompt from:

Music – http://wp.me/s24jHb-music

… and decided to try it.

Today’s Prompt:Β Put your music on shuffle and share the first 10 songs.

1. Awake – Secondhand Serenade
2. Forever – Damage
3. Unbroken – Ashes Remain
4. All That Matters – Justin Bieber
5. Closer – Inoue Joe
6. I Like That – Before You Exit
7. Sledgehammer – Fifth Harmony
8. This Is The Moment – Erik Santos
9. Even If I Live Just One Day – Jo Hyun Jae
10. One – Ed Sheeran

How about you?❀

Nobody Knows

I’m currently listening to the song:

—Nobody Knows by Pink—🎢

The line from this song that really struck me is the line:

Nobody likes to loose their inner voice, the one I used to hear before my life made a choice.

My playlist is random and because I’m kinda lazy I just put all my songs in one folder and just turn shuffle on.

It’s a sad song but if someone will sing the chorus part to me, I’ll be glad. The line strucks me because my life is a testament that sometimes I really just can’t control my life. Sometimes, things just happens. Life goes on and… yep, things just roll or something.

Maybe, WHEN I’m in the mood I’ll write a short story, essay, blurb or prompt from a song I’m currently listening. πŸ™‚

Summer Vacation (03-26-16)

I don’t know how to swim (yep, poor me) but still, ADVENTURE!😁


The amazing view, calming breeze, nature inspiring environment, the sound of the sea, the smell of the pool. 🌊

A lot of things to inspire me to write. Releasing stress and worries even just for a day. Enjoying just being with family and loved ones.

Holidays are really amazing! πŸ’œ

A VERY Bad Idea!

I decided to start reading a new book series. I have a lot of recommendations and suggestions from friends and finally settled to start my quest for a new book series to fangirl into with Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments Series. Here I come, City Of Bones!


In the middle of starting to dive into the Shadow Hunter World, I’m sorry but I really can’t help but roll my eyes to the ceiling a lot of times.

I’m currently on the part where they are about to attend Magnus Bane’s party. Firstly, why oh why would they bring petulant/petty/childish Simon with them? He’s a mundane! He has no reason to be there.

This part reminds me so much on the time Percy Jackson decided to take Rachel into the Labyrinth. It spelled disaster in ALL CAPS.



Clary – too nosy for my peace of mind, with a lot of issues to settle. Insecure, grumpy and sometimes nonsensical. Ugh.

Jace – How old is he anyway? And he’s like the bipolar, mysterious neighbor I won’t bother knowing about.

Simon – he’s the most annoying one (so far). Petulant/Childish/Petty much? Does he have a redeeming quality I missed?

Alec – is Alec. Hostile and Grumpy. He embodies “me against the universe”.

Isabelle – the normal one (I think). She reacts on things normally. I mean for a cool, kick-ass Shadow Hunter, that is.

I’m currently on chapter 12 and hopefully the storyline will progress in a magical, this-is-the-shadow-hunter-world and no-mundanes-allowed so brace-yourself-for-the-awesomeness-of-this-book kind of feeling.

It has 6 books and 3 books of prequel/sequel kind of thing and a wide range of followers and fangirls. So, I’m hopeful that it would live up to my expectations.

What are your opinions/thoughts about this book series?