All is Well

This is my response to the post:




I need to focus on the floor.

Five more steps and I’ll reach my bed, I can’t be distracted by anything.

I knew I shouldn’t have watched a horror film before bedtime.

Don’t imagine anything, focus girl, focus.

All is well, no monsters under my bed or a pretty banged up lady on white gazing at my window, not even a malevolent black smoke swirling in my room.

All is well, eyes on the floor: three, two, last step and I jumped face first on my bed.

Special Day

This is my response to the post:




When you’re avoiding someone, they tend to show up.

Today, I woke up earlier than usual and fixed myself faster than normal.

I refused to even glimpse on my reflection to check if there is anything amiss.

I need to arrive early, I mean I need to be the earliest one to arrive on my class.


I feel like a wannabe spy, being sneaky and reflexively ducking at the mere sound of anything.

I slowly opened the door to my first class and tried my best to not make a sound, then came the loudest, most energetic yell of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” I’ve ever heard in my life.

Creating My Very Own Villain

In a typical story, you have your hero and you have your villain.

Your hero would be courageous, strong, with a good sense of good and bad and other heroic values a hero should have. Usually, the hero is perfect and if you add a flaw, in the end, the hero would overcome it. Every story ends with a happily ever after.

Now, let’s try visualizing our villain. The villain would be evil, aiming for world domination or just simply aiming for the lead guy or girl. Or maybe someone who’s just projecting whatever misfortune they had to anyone unlucky enough to cross their path.

Now, to my dillema. Do I create a villain who is just evil to the core or a villain who’s just misguided and could possibly turn good in the end?

It’s been a struggle for me to create a villain. I usually end up creating a one dimensional character whose sole purpose is to antagonize my main character, nothing more.

I know for a fact that a hero usually is the driving force of the story but recently I realized the importance of creating a worthy rival.

I’m still a budding, newbie, amateur, young writer and I totally have lots I need to learn more to be able to write a decent story. But every problem or struggle I face when writing, I learn from them and make sure to take down notes.

My journey as a writer is just starting. Lots and lots of practice needed. A legion of heroes and a coven of villains more to create.❀

Message to the King

Here’s my entry for the Six Sentence Stories challenge from the post:





(Note: image from Google)

My wings are about to give up on me, they seem to contract at odd moments making pain shoot up on my spine.

I’ve been flying for three days nonstop, now my legs are numb and my hands limped uselessly on my side.

I need to reach my destination by sunset and deliver the contract to the King.

The war is about to start but it can be prevented if the King will agree on the stipulations written on the contract I’m carrying.

The war that is about to happen will pulverize my hometown and decimate my brethren.

The pain I’m experiencing now is nothing in comparison to what is about to come, that’s why I need this contract to reach the King even if I end up losing my wings on the process.

Six Sentence Stories

I saw a Six Sentence Stories challenge. Here goes nothing…


Second place, almost the best but never the best.

I’m from a family of five: mother, father, eldest sister, me and then a younger brother.

Growing up, I constantly hear from everyone how amazing my eldest
sister is.

She is the top of her class, a ballerina on the making and the kindest, sweetest, most amazing daughter ever.


(image not mine, cto, from Google)

When asked about their second daughter, my parents’ automatic reply: Oh, she is a fine lady, maybe one day she will be like her sister.

I couldn’t even dream of competing with her, she is the best and I’m merely the second best.