The Gamer, Season 1 – Book Review #4 (2020)

Title: The Gamer, Season 1

Author: Sangyoung Sung, Illustrator: Sang-Ah

Series: #1 of The Gamer

Goodreads synopsis:

What if your life is just like playing a game? What if you can upgrade your status and gain more levels? A fantasy world is coming right at you!

Han Jee-Han, a normal high school student, suddenly develops a special power where his entire world is shifted into a game-like setting. He can see the power levels of people, look at the stats of a seemingly normal item, get abilities and even level up! Follow Han Jee-Han as he discovers how to use this power and the world of Ability users.

Episode 1 – 86

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

My 2nd read of this is still as amazing like last time. I learned some facts that I failed to notice on my first read. I really love Jihan’s abilities. So cool and I wish I have them without the added danger of the Abyss. XD

I love this manhwa! 🙂

Actual rating: 4.75🌟
Wow. 😁

This is a great manhwa (korean comics?) with MMORPG as main plot line. I so love all the game related things.👌

If you’re into gaming, this will really entertain you. I love the main characters and the plot lines.

My only comment is: more dialogues please!🙏 And I love that it is colored. Highly recommended.🤗


I wish I can say 11 more to go but I can’t. Since I finished a book yesterday, my review backlog didn’t change. 12 more book reviews (again) to go guys. I can do this! Cheers! Thanks for dropping by! 🤗



Currently reading…

So I’ve been blogging stuff related to my writer side, now I’m switching to ‘avid reader’ mode.

I’m currently reading a manga called Haikyuu (current page: ).


(Photo fr Pinterest, cto)

I never knew volleyball could be fun. I was never the athletic girl. The sport that I played way back in junior high is table tennis singles. I’ve never been in a team sport. I played volleyball once, it was a requirement. My whole arm hurts after the game but the feeling of dread and humiliation is heavier.

I don’t remember much, I am good with repressing bad memories(Bella Swan). But I vaguely remember messing up during the game and I remember that my messed-ups are quite vital in our victory(or loss). I think I’ve mistaken volleyball into dodgeball on the latter part of the game. I was just so scared of the ball.

Reading Haikyuu showed me that volleyball really is fun and the dynamics in a team sport is amazing especially when your skilled and even if you’re still a newbie. Blending with your teammates and offering something for the team.

It’s amazing how artists could use their talent to make something awful(for me) into something funny.

Now, even if I don’t play volleyball I enjoy watching a live game and even familiar with the rules.

*raising my wand to manga artists* 👍