The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen – Book Review #24 (2022)

Title: The Master of Metaphysics is The Movie Queen

Author: 月七兮

Series: Standalone

Format: Web Novel

image credits to Novel Updates

Goodreads synopsis:

A metaphysical master Gong Qingyao never dreamed that one day she would be transmigrated into two thousand years later.

After transmigration, Gong Qingyao has two goals in life.

1. Make good use of her metaphysical skills.

2. Acting well.

But what did this person who has been following her want?

Qin Ze: “Me? I’m your third life goal.” MORE…

My rating: 3.5⭐

This is a reincarnation novel about Gong Qingyao who was a powerful metaphysical cultivator on her past life.

This story is centered on the entertainment industry. Our MC is a low tier actress at first. She is very good at metaphysics and also powerful physically. To be honest, our MC is quite an OP character. I don’t like the MC that much because she is quite a bland character and an apathetic one.

The plot started okay-ish. I like the live streaming part and also the fans’ comments. It has a few funny and cute moments. What lowered the rating for me is the latter chapters. The great ‘reveal’ was underwhelming and the great ‘battle’ was abruptly ended. Lol.😅

The loose ends or foreshadowings were tied/explained weirdly. Like just for the sake of not having any loose ends or plot holes – ‘here you go’, something like that.

The characters are not that fleshed out. I’m quite disappointed on how things ended for Qin Ze. The whole time he’s being showcased as the ML, even the synopsis mentioned him, but it never happened. Just a heads up that this is not a romance story.😢

Overall a so-so read. A bit bland for me, nothing exceptional apart from it discussing metaphysics…

PS: Feifei is cute.❤

More reviews to come, please bear with me. Thanks. 🙂


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